When Can My Child Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

Child Wearing Contact Lenses

The hassles of wearing spectacles, especially at a very young age, are not any less. So, why not replace the glasses of your child with contact lenses? Contact lenses are relatively hassle-free when compared to glasses. However, children are mainly prescribed to wear spectacles assuming that contact lenses are not safe for them. This assumption is not valid anyway. There are no age barriers for wearing contact lenses. And hence, children are not actually restricted from wearing contact lenses. 

However, your child should know the do’s and don’ts of wearing contact lenses. You can make an appointment with any Maitland optometry clinic to provide the necessary guidelines for your children on wearing contact lenses.

What Should Your Child Know About Taking Care of Contact Lenses?

Most probably, your optician will give your child a set of guidelines, instructions, and do’s and don’ts when contact lenses are handed over for the first time. It is essential to make sure that your child follows these instructions perfectly and cleans the lenses properly.

Taking Care of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are comparatively easy for children to take care of. You only need to teach how to apply and remove contact lenses in the case of disposable contact lenses. However, make sure that your child remembers to remove them every night before he or she goes to sleep.

Taking Care of Monthly or Two Weekly Contact Lenses

Unlike disposable contact lenses, non-disposable ones like monthly or two weekly contact lenses demand a proper cleaning regime and storage. Therefore, when opting for non-disposable contact lenses for children, you have to make sure that you teach them how to clean and store contact lenses properly.

You have to buy cleaning solutions, fresh solutions, and storage boxes for your children if they wear monthly or two weekly contact lenses. It would be best to teach your children how important hygiene is while wearing contact lenses. In contrast, most children are seen to have a proper cleaning routine for their contact lenses rather than adults.

Why Are Contact Lenses Better for My Child Rather than Glasses?

Contact lenses are far a better option, especially for children. Here are some advantages children get to enjoy with contact lenses over glasses.

  • Contact lenses provide comparatively more freedom than wearing glasses. Glasses can be a constraint to be active in several activities, including dance and sports.
  • Many pieces of research show that glasses take a toll on self-confidence. So, replacing glasses with contact lenses would definitely boost the self-esteem of the children.
  • Contact lenses slow down many cases related to vision loss, for example, myopia.
  • Contact lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

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