Do Compression Stockings Really Work for Varicose Veins?

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one of the very common chronic issues in the United States. These are highly visible veins just beneath your skin that can appear unattractive and cause extreme pain in some cases. Varicose veins occur when blood cannot flow smoothly and collect behind small valves in a person’s veins.

You may have heard your friends and family suggesting you wear compression stockings to reduce pain and discomfort in your Warner Robins varicose veins. But are these stockings really effective? Keep reading to find out the potential benefits of wearing compression stockings for varicose veins. 

Are Compression Stockings Effective?

Before getting to the topic of their effectiveness, one must understand what compression stockings are and how they work. 

Compression stockings are elastic hosiery that is designed to provide consistent pressure to the legs and improve blood circulation. The pressure put by the stockings on the legs and ankles compresses the surface veins to smoothly flow blood to your heart without obstructions. 

If you struggle with varicose veins and are wondering whether compression stockings are worth trying, they are. Plenty of research has shown that patients with varicose veins have noticed a reduction in ache and pains after using compression stockings. 

However, make sure you buy the right compression stockings specifically designed to cure varicose veins and not the regular ones. 

Guide to Use Your Compression Stockings 

You must wear your compression stockings in the morning right after you wake up. It is better if you wear them even before getting out of bed and before lowering your legs. This is because your vein valves function more effectively when you lie down than when you are standing up or sitting. When your legs and body are in a vertical position, the veins are more likely to cause circulation problems. 

You may need to wear the stockings at night as well, depending on the severity of your condition. You may consult your doctor regarding it. 

Are You Correctly Wearing Your Compression Stockings?

Choosing the right compression level and stocking size is crucial for providing as much comfort as possible and taking advantage of its benefits. There are mainly four levels of compression: 

  • Mild.
  • Moderate.
  • Firm.
  • And extra firm.

According to your specific situation, your doctor will be able to suggest a suitable compression level for you. 

To make sure your stockings fit you right, you need to take correct measurements of your legs. Taking these measurements can be tricky. You can consult your doctor if you are unsure about how to measure for accurate results. 

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