How to Increase Libido?

Increase Libido

A normal to moderately low libido level is not a problem, but if a patient wants to boost their libido, they can opt for various natural methods. Some patients may have low libido due to anxiety, depression, or age factors. 

Various methods are given by specialists at Plano The Riegel Center to both males and females to increase libido by natural techniques. 

How can a patient increase their libido naturally?

Specific methods which are effective for both males and females include:

  1. Anxiety Management: High levels of anxiety are the enemy to libido and sexual functioning. Anxiety can be related to work-life or sexual life, or any other reason. People who work a lot or have a lot of stress may face issues with lowered libido or, in some cases, erectile dysfunction. According to reports, erectile dysfunction can occur because of stress and depression. So, a patient should boost their mental health, have a good sleep, and exercise timely. 
  1. Relationship Quality Improvement: Sexual desire can decrease if the patient does not feel the same way in their relationship as they used to. So they must focus on improving it by planning date nights or practicing open communication. 
  1. Focus on foreplay: Good sexual experiences help a patient to increase their libido. Patients must try to perform actions other than intercourse to boost their libido. 
  1. Quality of sleep: Having a good sleep is very beneficial to enhance the overall mood and energy levels. It can be helpful for libido. According to reports, getting proper sleep increases sexual desire. 
  1. Have a nutrition-rich diet: If a patient has a balanced diet, this will increase their circulation and heart condition by removing foods, causing a reduction in libido. Physical, sexual activity could decrease in patients with cardiovascular disease or any metabolic syndrome. Having a diet rich in green vegetables, low levels of sugar, and high in proteins will be helpful for libido.
  1. Herbal remedies: These remedies help improve sexual function. Herbal remedies like maca, ginseng, and ginkgos are used, and they may vary for patients according to the doctor’s approval. 
  1. Regular exercise: According to a study, a patient went under androgen deprivation therapy which decreases the level of testosterone but doing regular exercise helps to improve the shape of the body, level of libido, and relationships issues. At certain times, being overweight or obese can decrease libido. Such patients should maintain healthy body weight to improve their sexual drive both physically and psychologically. 

The remedies mentioned above are all-natural and can be performed easily without any consent from the doctor.

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