10 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Health


You don’t need to visit your doctor every fortnight to improve your health. Nor do you have to join an expensive yoga class or swallow imported vitamins. All you need to do is make a few changes to your lifestyle habits and hey presto! Better health. Want to know how?

  1. Wake Up Earlier: An extra half hour early in the morning is perfect for some me-time. You can use this time to make your to-do list for the day and enjoy a few moments of me-time.  An organized start to your day will help relax you and reduce your stresses.
  2. Walk More: Take every opportunity to walk, instead of taking out the car. If your errand is within a few blocks, walk or use a bicycle. At work, make it a point to take plenty of breaks and just walk up and down to exercise.
  3. Use The Stairs: This one small lifestyle change can greatly improve your heart health and keep you in excellent shape. If at first you’re unable to climb too many flights, take a breather and start again.
  4. Become Label-conscious: Buy foodstuffs only from health-conscious labels. Also, be sure to avoid foods with hydrogenated oils, too much salt and corn syrups.
  5. Use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: Throw away your butter and oil packages. The omega-3 and 6 compounds in olive oil will help regenerate tissues, keeping you healthy and young for a longer time.
  6. Avoid Coffee: Coffee might work to keep you alert for a bit, but too much caffeine works adversely on your system. Think ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, too much acidity – these are all the gifts that coffee brings to your life.
  7. Get Organized: Spend a few days organizing every aspect of your life – your closets, your activities, your day.You won’t believe just how much your stress levels reduce when you get organized.
  8. Seek Solitude:  All you need to do is to allocate a few minutes to quiet meditation. Find a pleasant corner, close your eyes and meditate on nothingness and your stresses will reduce.
  9. Go Brown: White foods such as white bread, pretzels and bakery items are known to increase triglycerides and increase body fat. The more your body fat, the more your stress.
  10. Eat More Veggies: Vegetables are fiber-rich and keep your blood free of fats. Avoid red meat, eat lean meats and more fish and take plenty of veggies on a daily basis to reduce stress and stay healthy.

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