Tips To Prevent Acne Hyperpigmentation

Acne Hyperpigmentation

Often, hyperpigmentation acne or scars may linger for a long time meaning you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. If pimples must exist, they should do you the courtesy of disappearing. Yet, hyperpigmentation acne requires attention and patience to go away. The production of melanin or the skin’s natural pigment is considered a defense mechanism that occurs when the skin experiences trauma. Many things can cause skin trauma including a scratch, a cut, or other wound arising on the surface of the skin including sun exposure. If you have acne hyperpigmentation, you’ll want to see a specialist in hyperpigmentation in Glen Allen to get treatment. That being said, you can use these tips to help you prevent acne hyperpigmentation:

 Avoid popping pimples

 You are advised that you should avoid popping pimples as it can increase the chances of getting scars or marks. It may feel tempting to pick or squeeze a pimple, and it’s a common mistake people make. When you do it, you will most likely develop scars or marks on the skin.

 Use non-pore-clogging products

 Skincare products can contribute to acne breakouts. Products that contain high amounts of oil including cocoa butter and shea butter are likely to clog your pores. When the pores clog, it can lead to acne. You need to avoid using these products to prevent acne flare-ups that can in turn result in acne hyperpigmentation.

 Be gentle on the skin

It’s not possible to scrub acne or pigmentation away. If you are harsh on your skin, it will worsen the problem. Scrubbing the skin can make your acne worsen. Gentle skin care is helpful to your skin, it also helps clean acne.

 Avoid heavy makeup

 Often, you may want to use heavy makeup to try covering marks, however, it may do more harm than good. While makeup can help cover blemishes, it can also lead to new ones. Just like shea butter or cocoa butter, makeup may also clog pores. Consider using mineral makeup and lightweight skincare products.

 Treat acne early

 You can prevent acne skin problems from getting worse if you are able to treat them during the early stages. When you wait until acne gets to the moderate or severe stage, chances are that you will develop pigmentation spots. Talk to a dermatologist about your skin problem for timely treatment.

 Treat the spots

 Although post-acne marks, spots, and hyperpigmentation, tend to be harmless, you should not take it upon yourself in diagnosing a dark spot. Although most spots can look ordinary, some may turn out to be something more serious. If you have existing spots occurring on your skin, see a dermatologist. Seeking treatment for spots can help eliminate them and also determine if there could be another underlying cause.

Dealing with acne hyperpigmentation the right way can help prevent the spots from worsening. It can also prevent acne from occurring in the first place. Make sure that you monitor your skin and if you notice changes such as marks and scarring, you should seek help from a specialist in skincare and treatment.


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