8 Incredible Tips to Reduce Dementia Risk

Dementia Risk

Research shows that millions of Americans live with dementia. This is a condition where you can lose your reasoning and thinking ability and also lose your memory. Although most forms of this condition are degenerative, the symptoms can be reduced. The integrated Neurology Services Team that diagnoses dementia in Falls Church can help you relieve your symptoms through personalized treatment plans. On the other hand, several forms of dementia can be avoided if the risk factor gets intercepted on time. Here are eight incredible tips that can help you reduce your risk of dementia by up to 20 percent.

  1. Ensure You Get Plenty of Exercise

One way to keep dementia at bay is through exercises. You should have at least five sessions every week for them to be effective in reducing your risk of dementia. The sessions can be about 30 minutes, and the exercises don’t have to be vigorous but should raise your heart rate.

  1. Manage Your Obesity

Obesity increases your risk of dementia. Therefore, you need to have your doctor examine your body mass index (BMI) and guide you on managing the situation if you are clinically obese, which is when your BMI is over 30 percent. Managing obesity can reduce dementia risk directly or indirectly as it may manage other complications that raise your risk for Demetria.

  1. Try to Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

If you have high blood pressure, particularly in your middle years between 35 and 65, it may cause damage to your brain, increasing the risk for dementia. Work with your doctor to manage your blood pressure levels, and you will reduce dementia risk.

  1. Quit Smoking

It is a fact that smoking promotes vascular complications, and this increases the risk of dementia. It also lowers the blood oxygen levels leading to the production of plaque in the brain, increasing the risk of dementia. Therefore, by quitting smoking, you reduce the risk of the condition.

  1. Manage Your Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels in your body affect blood flow to the brain and can cause damage to the brain, increasing the risks of dementia. It also promotes plaque formation in the brain, which causes certain forms of old dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s. Therefore, you need to reduce cholesterol levels in your body to lower the risks of dementia.

  1. Avoid Alcohol or Moderate Your Consumption

Though drinking a moderate amount of alcohol has been found to protect your brain from certain dementia symptoms, alcohol abuse triggers some forms of dementia. Therefore, if you take alcohol, it would be good to regulate your consumption.

  1. Improve Your Diet

Consider adding fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, and olive oil to your diet. High consumption of these foods helps reduce the risk of dementia. You can also avoid processed food and dairy products. In simple terms, adopt a Mediterranean diet.

  1. Keep Your Social Life Healthy

Research has indicated that social isolation increases the risks of dementia. They have also indicated that if you develop healthy relationships and participate in social activities, you can lower the risks of dementia and prevent it.

Note that there is no cure for dementia, but you can help manage the condition and reduce the risks for severe complications with these tips. If you have dementia symptoms, you can reach out to your provider at Integrated Neurology Services. You can receive personalized treatment plans to help you relieve this condition.

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