Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure aimed at increasing the breast’s fullness or shape. Plastic surgery has become more popular over the last years but augmentation mammoplasty is more common. There were 310,000 augmentation procedures carried out in 2017 alone and over 110,000 breast lifts carried out. Breast augmentation is carried out for a number of reasons such as when women face a decrease in breast volume because of pregnancy and to ensure their breasts are set in the same balance as the body. In this article, we will discuss all that needs to be known about breast augmentation. Contact the offices of Dr. Eric Barker in Denver for more information.

What are the available types of implants?

Breast implants consist of a silicone cover that is filled with saltwater or a silicone gel. The type of implant to be utilized depends on your goals and individual choice. Besides the material, you can find implants in various shapes and sizes. Women who admire a boob lift and cleavage often go for the round implants. Breast fullness is fulfilled by tear-drop shaped implants.

Who qualifies for breast augmentation?

Any healthy woman aged 18 or above is eligible to undergo a saline implant. The FDA approves silicone procedures for women above 22. The perfect client should;

  • Not be a smoker
  • Not be pregnant or lactating
  • Have information of the expectations
  • Have a healthy weight and body condition

What occurs in the procedure?

Patients undergoing this procedure are either put on anesthesia or sedation, implying that they are either sedated or sleeping as it occurs. It would be best for you to discuss this with your doctor as this decision depends on both the surgeon and client. Small incisions are utilized during surgery to develop a “hole” that becomes home to the implant. After it is properly adjusted, the surgeon seals and bandages the wound. This procedure takes three hours or less and most clients head home on completion.

Risks faced by this procedure

Like other surgeries, breast augmentation has its own risks such as;

  • Damaging of the tissues in the scar
  • They might not be asymmetric
  • Existence of leaks

To prevent risks, it would be great for you to contact your surgeon concerning the effects before the procedure commences.

How do you get ready for breast augmentation?

You will be provided with a set of instructions that might include the following;

  • Avoid smoking for a specific time before the surgery begins
  • Avoid intaking food and beverages one night before the surgery
  • Put comfortable clothes on
  • Have someone that will accompany you to and from the surgery

The healing processes

Healing speed depends on the patient, meaning different people take different amounts of time to heal. The average healing time is five to seven weeks although the majority of clients might feel healed one week after the surgery. During this period, you are advised to indulge in easy tasks that will not strain you.


Breast augmentation is common in this modern era. It is a procedure aimed at filling void breasts among other reasons. It is a procedure that takes close to three hours and most of the time it is successful.

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