Take Care of Your Spine, It Will Take Care of You

Spinal health

Spinal health is essential because it maintains your physical strength, balance, helps in shock absorption, protects the nervous system, and assists in weight distribution. It is, therefore, vital to seek professional medical help from a qualified chiropractor if you have problems with your spine. Doctor Kenneth Haywood of Forever Well Chiropractic is a well-trained chiropractor. He offers personalized diagnosis and treatment of spine-related injuries such as scoliosis, headaches, and migraines resulting from spine misalignment, neck pain, back pain, disk injuries, and sciatica in Friendswood. These spine-related problems are discussed in detail below.

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Scoliosis is a curvature in the spine; a healthy normal spine is perfectly vertical. It begins as a slight curve then worsens gradually. Scoliosis can have serious health repercussions after the spine has progressed to the later stages. It could start as a bit of bend produced by a single vertebral unevenness. Symptoms of scoliosis include pain on your shoulders, back, and even neck, which is very uncomfortable. When you notice or your friends and family notice that your shoulders and pelvis are not appearing to be even, you need to go for a scoliosis diagnosis in the facility. The doctor diagnoses by assessing your bearing and spine through several tests. The doctor will then prescribe you medication or offer you chiropractic therapy to reduce or inhibit scoliosis growth, depending on the severity of your illness.

Neck pain

If you have neck pain, you know how incredibly painful it may be to perform basic movements, including moving your neck or shoulders. This immobility will hinder you from performing basic tasks, and your muscles may also start weakening over time; that is why you need to seek medical help for your neck pain. Before administering treatment, the doctor may want to identify the cause of your neck pain. The cases of neck pain could be bad posture, recurrent stress, and even abnormality of the bone structure. These factors can affect the spine or be due to spine problems. The specialist will offer you chiropractic therapy sessions that will focus on treating the underlying structural issues causing you to have pain in your neck. This therapy may involve light spinal adjustments that provide immediate comfort while restoring long-term health.

Back pain

Most people will suffer from back discomfort at some point in their lives, ranging from mildly unpleasant to utterly incapacitating and mainly caused by spinal problems. Regardless of the severity of your back pain, life is undoubtedly better without it as you can walk and sleep better without an aching back, and hence you must seek treatment. To inhibit further harm, you must ensure that this problem must be adequately detected and treated as soon as possible. A chiropractor will examine your back extensively to evaluate the degree of the illness and provide the best course of therapy to reduce pain and restore a healthy back.

A healthy spine is an assertion that your body is firmly supported and your cells function as they should. If you have spine-related problems, seek quality chiropractic therapy at Forever Well Chiropractic. Book your appointment now with doctor Kenneth Haywood by calling or visiting his facility.

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