Refine And Slim Your Facial Features with Facial Liposuction in Shreveport, LA

Facial Liposuction

Liposuction has gained tremendous popularity, particularly in the aesthetic industry. While most individuals link liposuction with body contouring and loss of excess weight, you can get liposuction to refine and slim your facial features with today’s advanced technology. At Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery, Kenneth Sanders, MD, provides liposuction in Shreveport to eradicate any unwanted fat and beautifully mold your neck and jaw. For more information, contact or book an appointment online today.

What Exactly Is Liposuction?

Liposuction refers to a minimally invasive procedure that effectively eliminates unattractive fat. With advanced liposuction, facial liposuction, also known as micro liposuction, is effectively targeted to small areas of fat. With facial liposuction, the doctor will shape and sculpt your face, such as restoring a defined cheekbone or jawline by eliminating the pockets of fat in your lower face and slimming your neck.

Why Should You Need Facial Liposuction?

Every one of us has a layer of fat beneath our skin. In our younger years, the fat beneath our facial skin was smoother and more well-distributed, creating a healthy-looking and firm skin. However, as you become older, the fat starts to thin out, and your skin loosens, enabling gravity to pull it down. The fat might also drop down the face or become mispositioned. This will result in a skinny appearance around your eyes, with unappealing fat accumulating in the bottom part of your face, creating a double chin and jowls.

While liposuction effectively eliminates age-related fat accumulation, you might also consider it to remove the fat accumulation due to excess weight. However, liposuction is best suited for body contouring rather than significant weight loss.

If you have gained excess weight in your neck and facial areas, it is recommended to lose weight by dieting and working out first. After getting closer to achieving your optimum weight, the experienced team at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery can perform liposuction to eliminate the remaining pockets of fat.

What Should You Expect During Liposuction?

When you visit Dr. Sander at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery practice for liposuction, the doctor will start by talking to you about the whole procedure and about the anesthesia they will use on you. Depending on your condition, the doctor might use several innovative techniques such as tumescent anesthesia to make it easier to eliminate the fat.

Tumescent anesthesia uses a solution that contains epinephrine and medication that helps minimize bleeding and numbs the area. The anesthesia makes the fat cells swell and harden; hence making them easier to eliminate.

Dr. Sanders makes tiny incisions during the liposuction process and inserts a narrow tube under your skin and into the fat pocket. He moves the tube around gently while the suction pulls on the fat cells. Most neck and facial liposuctions take about thirty minutes to an hour. However, the length of your facial liposuction procedure depends on the amount of fat that needs to be eliminated. After the procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment for some time while you recover. The estimated amount of downtime is about a week, and the full recovery of any bruising, discomfort, or swelling takes about a month.

If you have sagging or unattractive facial fat, facial liposuction might be the best option for you. Call or request an appointment online today at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery to get started!

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