Should You See a Psychiatrist?


The term ‘mental illness’ sends worry to some persons, and sadly, a stigma is attached to the term. On the other hand, mental illness is prevalent. Statistics show that roughly half of the American population are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental problems during their lives. There are various reasons for mental illness, ranging from chemical imbalances to stress. A psychiatric evaluation at Healthy Minds NYC could help point out the problem, its origin, and treatment alternatives. To talk to your adult psychiatrist in Midtown East, arrange an appointment through mobile or request online.

Many persons with mental health issues do not seek treatment because they are ashamed or uncertain who to visit. Recognizing when one might require professional assistance is critical, and several symptoms suggest a psychiatric examination is warranted, including:

Lack of Emotional Control

Everybody has irritable, angry, or sad times, which are natural emotions to experience. Nonetheless, if somebody is experiencing extreme emotions that they cannot manage or regulate, a psychiatrist could help. Learning to control emotions effectively can help you avoid a hazardous scenario.

Substance Abuse

Individuals often turn to alcohol or other substances to manage mental health concerns. Whether to manage stress or relax, it is a cause of alarm if somebody requires it on a routine basis and does not seem happy without the drugs.

Adjustments in Sleeping Patterns

The quality of one’s sleep could reveal a lot about their mental health. Sleep issues are common among people who suffer from mental illnesses. You might experience difficulty falling asleep, waking up very early, or waking up several times during the night. Your deep sleep phases are also considerably shortened, making restorative sleep harder to achieve. Sadly, not getting enough sleep renders it more difficult to manage symptoms of mental illness, creating a continuous negative spiral.

Changes in Workplace Performance

A colleague or employee who suddenly starts to miss deadlines or experiences trouble focusing on work responsibilities might be struggling with a mental illness. For this reason, a visit to the psychiatrist may be required.

Withdrawal From Social Functions

An individual who is depressed or has extreme anxiety might avoid social interactions. Although one might have an introverted personality, a sudden behavior change should warrant a psychiatric evaluation.

Excessive Sadness, Worry, or Anxiety

When somebody is anxious or sad all of the time, a psychiatrist can assist. It is equally crucial to seek professional help if you have suicidal thoughts.

Unexplained Physical Problems

Physical and mental wellness are connected, and persistent physical symptoms without a clear explanation are one clue that a psychiatrist might be of help. Common symptoms include headaches, migraines, unexplained aches, and stomach pain.

If you are in a bad mental state or wish to enhance your general mental health, you should visit an adult psychiatrist at Healthy Minds NYC. They could assist you in enhancing your life quality and returning to complete mental health. Call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an initial consultation right away.

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