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Gnarled, enlarged veins most commonly appearing on the legs and feet are mostly described as a cosmetic concern. However, they can be dangerous when left untreated because they are a sign of an underlying circulation problem. Blood that is pooling in these veins can clot, and it is very painful. If you experience intense leg pain, extensive twisted veins, blue and dark purple veins, a heaviness in legs, pulsating, burning and itching, muscle pain, skin spotting, among others, you might consider visiting a specialist in Varicose Veins in El Paso for a close examination.

Varicose veins may affect anybody, but there are people who have higher chances of getting affected than others; they include women especially pregnant, older people, those with a genetic history of varicose veins, obese people, and those who stand or sit for a long time.

Desert West Veins & Surgery Center

Needing treatment for veins though they don’t have an appearance that bothers you is very important both for beauty purposes because they are noticeable due to their dark blue or purple appearance bulging out from underneath the skin and also for health purposes, especially if you have ulcers, open sores, blood clots, and bleeding. Dr. Kasha & his all team of qualified paramedics will check your history in medical immediately when you visit them; seek information about any symptoms before completing a checkup, which might include an sonography to evaluate your blood flow.

The physicians may recommend a number of things after diagnosis that helps diseased veins, reduce the risk of complication, and avoid recurring. Doing regular workouts also helps to lower your blood pressure since it’s a contributing factor to varicose veins, reducing weight, elevate your legs and not standing and sitting for a long time.

Treating Varicose Veins

If your symptoms persist even after a lifestyle change, Desert West Veins & Surgery Center performs the following to cure your pain and help you bounce back to normal:

  • Radiofrequency ablation

Dr. Kasha performs a Radiofrequency ablation, which involves placing a small catheter in the infected vein and the use of ultra high-frequency radio waves to target and turn off unhealthy veins, at the same time reducing the risk of bleeding and bruising. This helps blood to reroute to healthier near to veins in your legs, reducing discomfort.

  • Sclerotherapy

This involves injecting varicose veins with a good solution that makes the veins go away.

  • Venaseal

This is delivering a tiny amount of stick into veins using minimally-invasive, revolutionary treatment to turn off them and allow your blood to route again to healthier veins.

All your vein problems can be solved by Dr. kasha, and his team of outstanding staff is always available and ready to help ease your pain. With the use of modern technology, the professionals in varicose vein treatment make your treatment easy and comfortable.

Schedule an appointment with these board-certified surgeons and an experienced team and get those uncomfortable varicose veins removed with a minimally-invasive procedure and go home with no complications.

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