Back Pain Among Athletes and Active People

Back Pain

Are you looking to find a specialist for back pain in Westfield who can help you get peace of mind when going about your activities during the day or when asleep at night? If so, it is time to schedule an appointment with a pain specialist at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine. Whether you are a professional athlete or like to engage in sports as a recreational activity, staying active is one of the best reasons for staying healthy. However, the positive vibe you are having can be wiped out when you start to experience back pains that do not seem to go away.

You may be wondering why low back pain in athletes is becoming more common. There are many causes of back pain. Below, you will get to understand why athletes or active people are more prone to back pain.

The common causes of low back pain in active people

As a professional athlete or a person that likes to engage in sports, you are likely to experience back pain of some sort due to the following reasons:

Strain on your musculoligamentous structure

Musculoligamentous strain occurs when you have injuries on your lumbar spine’s soft tissue. You are likely to get the strain when you are involved in sports. The most interesting part about this strain is that it happens after all other causes of pain have been eliminated. To make you eligible for this treatment, it means your injury must spread and continue to become worse. Through education on proper conditioning, it is possible to prevent strains in the future.


Spondylolysis does not have noticeable symptoms, but when it presents itself, the patient may start to experience chronic back pain associated with sports. In other studies, it is evident that the condition emanates from bone defects in children due to genetically weak parts intraarticular and repetitive stress to the spine due to many physical activities like sports.

Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP)

Physical activities, like sports, put a great toll on weight-bearing and stress in athletes. At times, the consequences may be so dire that their intervertebral disc could be damaged. Since herniated discs mostly occur on the lower spine because they aid in pressure as opposed to thoracic or cervical parts of the spine, they are likely to cause lower back pain in professional athletes or active people.

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, chances are you may need to go for a surgical procedure. You do not expect your herniated disc to be so large that it takes up the entire spinal canal space, but when your spinal canal is filled with the disc material, your nerves will be in jeopardy.

See a Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine Expert for Your Back Pain

Back pain should never be taken lightly. It is usually a sign of nerve, muscle, or tissue damage in your spine. Anytime you experience back pain after sports or strenuous activity, consider seeing a back pain specialist for treatment. To find out how back pain treatment works, schedule a consultation today.

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