Signs That You Need Hip Replacement

Signs That You Need Hip Replacement

While living with hip pain is nightmarish, knowing when to go for hip replacement can be daunting, especially if you are not ready for it. But when it keeps affecting the quality of your life, finding a West Orange hip replacement specialist at Brick City Orthopedics is a step in the right direction. By the time you book an appointment with them, it means your hip arthritis is causing excruciating pain that interferes with your well-being. Keep reading to find out whether you need a hip replacement appointment.

Signs you need a hip replacement

Not all hip pain conditions require replacement. Some may be acute or chronic, depending on many factors. Your physician will consider the following symptoms:

Feel pain during any activity – Any pain you feel around your pelvic and hip bones when engaging in walking, sleeping, running,  jogging, or even resting can be aggravated. 

Seasoned hip pain – Some people with hip pain may experience it after activity and it can last for a few days. The cycle continues when the same activity is repeated, or anytime you engage in a specific activity.

Hip pain keeping you up at night – If you are experiencing hip pain that keeps you awake at night, then it means there is an underlying issue. A hip replacement may be the only bet you have at having a good night’s rest.

Hip bone Arthritis – Arthritis affects bone-on-bone around the pelvic area, legs, and the bone touching your hip joint.

Visual changes in the hip – Inflammation that causes any noticeable swelling in your hip can also be corrected through replacement.

Have lifestyle limitations – If you find activities such as taking a long walk, moving stuff around the house, or driving as daunting due to hip pain.

When to see a doctor

Before your physician refers you to a hip replacement specialist, they may try other non-surgical options. These include weight loss, physiotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), or anti-inflammatory medications. These options can help relieve you from the pain, but only if it is acute.

However, if the pain is intense and prevents you from engaging in physical activities as before, then going for hip replacement surgery may be recommended. A total joint specialist will use advanced tools to examine your hip pain’s nature, position, and state before proceeding with the surgical procedure. The decision to go for the replacement is completely up to you.

As long as you are sedentary and can no longer carry out daily activities, the decision to delay surgery can cause more risk to your hips.  Being unable to carry out gardening tasks for a week might not warrant hip replacement surgery, but being unable to leave your bed may. So if yours is a sedentary lifestyle, it would be best to consult your doctor.

Hip replacement can be successful, and the sooner you choose to do it, the better. Do not continue to suffer. To find out whether you are qualified for the surgery, book your appointment online today.

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