Who Can File A Case Against The Makers Of Zantac?


Know that Zantac is a name given to Ranitidine. It is a medicine that’s used for decreasing the production of stomach acid. Zantac is a common over-the-counter drug, but the FDA has recently recalled that medicine. It has stated that it comes with dangerous levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, and this is a cancer-causing substance.

As expected, people are filing lawsuits for failing to warn the public about the potentially dangerous and deadly side-effects. All these lawsuits are being filed against the producers of Zantac; Sanofi, and Boehringer Ingelheim. There must be one question on your mind after hearing about this:

Who Can File A Lawsuit?

Anyone who got diagnosed with cancer after using Zantac can file a lawsuit. The lawsuit can ensure you get compensation for lost wages, medical bills, mental suffering, as well as physical suffering. As said before, the lawsuit will be filed against the producers of Zantac, Sanofi, and Boerhringer Ingelheim.

What Kind Of Cancer Will Allow You To File A Lawsuits?

If you have been medically diagnosed with any cancer after using Zantac, you may be able to get compensation by joining the Zantac lawsuit. Among the types of cancer, liver fibrosis, bladder cancer, scarring, and stomach cancer are significant. Know that if taking the drug has resulted in kidney, liver, and lung tumors, you could get compensation.

What Are The Basis Of These Lawsuits?

All the lawsuits filed are alleging that drug makers deliberately withheld important life-saving information from the public. They are also alleging such information was kept from the medical professionals and community too about the heartburn medication risks.

How Much Compensation Can Be Obtained?

It is being assumed that the Zantac cases will get resolved as a result of global case settlements. All the cases will get ranked according to various settlement tiers. It will be based strictly on the severity of the damage experienced by the plaintiff. Another factor, which will come into consideration, is the strength of the claims.

It’s been assumed that the cases in the top list could go for half a million. It’s also been said that the second level cases could go for $250,000. Know that the lowest level of cases will be going for $100,000. Note that the amount for the lowest tier can decrease as well.

How Much Time Will It Take For The Lawsuits To Settle?

If you are planning to file a case, then do keep in mind that you will have to wait until 2022, at the very least. Such kinds of mass-tort cases with plaintiffs ranging in the thousands do take a woefully long time when it comes to settlement. Currently, the entire litigation is just in the starting phase.

Overall, do note that the entire Zantac litigation will take years before anything comes of it. But do note that if you have suffered disastrous health effects due to ingesting the drug, you are liable to compensation. So if you want, you can file a lawsuit.

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