Family Therapy Can Help You Overcome Intimacy Issues In Your Marriage

Family Therapy

The definition of intimacy is being close to someone and having a sort of relaxed space with them. Therefore, it is no surprise that emotional intimacy is important in various relationships, be it your relationship with your spouse, parent, or sibling. In many couples, intimacy is alive during the starting months, and then it dies when the relationship gets a few years old. 

Keeping emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual intimacy alive throughout the relationship is essential for it to last. It is not an end goal but a journey. It requires effort from both sides. If you are experiencing issues with intimacy in your marriage, you should consider family counseling in Tulsa Ok. You will be surprised to find how helpful therapy can be. 

Benefits of intimacy in marriage 

Before talking about how family therapy can help overcome intimacy issues in marriage, it is important to learn why it is actually important. Many people underestimate the significance of intimacy in marriage and stop putting in the effort. Healthy married couples tend to have better economic assets, live longer and have children that do well emotionally and academically. 

There are physical benefits of intimacy as well, especially for men. According to research, men who are happy in their marriages and with their wives tend to have healthy bodies and less chest pain than unhappy men.

Naturally and obviously, intimacy results in better mental health for the husband and wife. 

How can family therapy help?

If you have been feeling distant from your spouse and do not know how to bring back the spark in the relationship, you may want to consider family therapy. Family therapy can help you determine the areas of trouble and determine at what point things went wrong. After all, you cannot solve a problem unless you know what the problem is. 

A therapist can help you understand if your spouse has a mental disorder that causes them to act the way they do. This will help you get to know them better and be more empathetic. In cases of addiction, a therapist can recommend remedies. 

Does conflict cause a lack of intimacy?

If you fight a lot with your spouse, you may think that is the reason why there is a lack of intimacy in your relationship. However, that is not the case. If you think about it, conflicts are extremely personal because they are between you and your spouse only. Conflicts can cause division, but they do not necessarily have to. 

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