How to Deal with Soft Tissue Injuries in Mouth

Injuries in Mouth

When it comes to wounds or cuts inside your mouth, careful attention and professional care are required. Soft tissue injuries inside your mouth might bother you and cause you much pain. They can happen in a split second due to a variety of reasons like sports injuries, biting your lips or tongue, sharp braces, etc. Unfortunately, many usually ignore these wounds and cuts that can lead to more serious consequences like infection or severe bleeding. Also, as a professional emergency dentist in west Hamilton explains, wounds and cuts inside your mouth can cause you many problems and difficulties when you want to chew, eat or even laugh, as they hurt and make your cheeks swell. Furthermore, severe oral infection is possible, especially if you don’t pay enough attention to cleaning your mouth and teeth. Such conditions can result in serious dental emergencies that bring you unreadable aches and discomfort. So, it’s essential to visit your emergency dentist right away if you want to get rid of pain and protect your oral health in the best way possible. People who postpone seeing their emergency dentists usually suffer from more painful and serious oral conditions later. In this article, we’ll discuss wounds and cuts inside your mouth, how to prevent them and when to visit your emergency dentist.

What Are the Causes of Wounds Inside Your Mouth?

There are many reasons for wounds and cuts inside your mouth, including sports injuries, cold sores, canker sores or accidental bites. The soft tissues inside your mouth are so vulnerable as they are covered and protected by the thinnest, softest skin on your body. Therefore, the oral soft tissues can get injured easily and tend to bleed more than other areas of your body. Although some of those wounds and cuts aren’t that serious, some are considered dental emergencies as they become infected. It’s crucial to detect the signs of infection to contact your emergency dentist on time.

Is It Normal to See White Wounds Inside the Mouth?

While redness and swelling are more expected when the oral soft tissues are injured, you may notice white wounds inside your mouth as well. Many are concerned about those white wounds, but you need to know there is nothing to worry about! A white would it’s a typical response to a trauma which is also a sign of healing. You can visit your emergency dentist to make sure everything is alright!

Signs to Visit Your Emergency Dentist

It’s important to track the condition of your wounds and cuts inside your mouth. You should visit your emergency dentist if you don’t notice any signs of healing and the pain or swelling worsens. Here are some signs telling you to see your emergency dentist immediately:

  • A half-inch or larger cut is present.
  • You can’t clear debris.
  • The wound is deep.
  • The edges are jagged.
  • The bleeding is continuous.

After visiting your emergency dentist, you need to follow their instructions and take care of your wounds at home carefully. Rinsing with warm water every hour is highly recommended to keep the wounds clean and to prevent infection.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t waste time and visit your emergency dentist today!

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