What You Need to Know Before You Go for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

If you are considering breast augmentation to improve the size and shape of your breast, Dulles, VA plastic surgery specialists at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center are there for you. You no longer have to remain unhappy with the appearance of your breast, which lowers your confidence. However, before you consider the option, here is what you need to keep in mind.

Do You Need Implants or Fat Transfer?

When opting for a breast augmentation, silicone or saline implants are no longer the only options available for you. Breast augmentation procedures also use autologous fat grafts from certain parts of your body identifiable by your provider. It is a straightforward procedure for implants where the implants are placed on your breast to improve their appearance. However, a fat transfer requires a highly experienced provider’s skills to extract fat through liposuction from the identified area of your body. The fat is then processed into a condition fit and injected into your breast. Note that you can increase up to two cups in breast size by the fat transfer procedure.

Sagging Breast Will Not be Fixed Through Breast Augmentation

On the contrary, breast augmentation may make sagging breast condition worse. Therefore, if your breast is loose, you might want to consider a breast lift that can correct the droopiness before proceeding with your breast augmentation procedure.

Breast Implants are Not Permanent

Please note that you will need to replace the breast implants at some point, no matter how durable they are. Additionally, you are required to have some self-checks on your breast regularly after the procedure and have annual checkups with your doctor to ensure that the implants are in good shape and do not leak. With the right care, your implant can last even more than a decade.

You can Expect Additional Breast Surgery in the Future.

If you undergo breast augmentation, you will outlive the implants as you age, and this may call for a breast lift or implant replacement. Keeping this in mind will help you pay attention to any changes resulting from aging and maintain a good relationship with your surgeon, who will help you monitor and evaluate the changes and determine the right time for these additional procedures.

There is More to Choosing Implants

Although it might look as simple as just choosing between saline implants and silicone fills, several factors must be put in place to find the best type of implant that will suit you. Such factors include the shape, texture, and profile of the implant. Your body proportion, posture, and skin elasticity can also affect the choice of implants you will choose. The right choice must be made considerably as large implants can result in future complications such as back and shoulder problems.

The Immediate Results are Different from The Final Results

If after the procedure you experience swelling and bruising, there is no need to worry. These are common complications related to any surgical procedure. With no time, the effects will fade away, and finally, you will have the feel and look you had long desired.

If You Smoke Tobacco, You Need to Take a Break

Smoking poses a high risk to your procedure, and that’s why you will be recommended to stop smoking before surgery. This is because nicotine may constrict blood vessels and cause blood circulation complications.

Before you go for a breast augmentation, please discuss the procedure with your provider and ask all the questions you might have for clarification. Your provider will also give you all the necessary information you require to help you make an informed decision.

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