Access Professional Care for Your Nail Problems in New York

Nail Problems

Is the color of your nails discolored? Have you been painting your nails in the hopes that they will go away? You could be suffering from an infection or an inherent skin condition. The board-certified dermatological staff at Lumos Dermatology® in Manhattan’s Flatiron District could assess your nail issues, discover the root cause, and establish the most appropriate care plan. Schedule a consultation with a New York nail problems specialist today through mobile or book online for professional care.

What Are the Most Prevalent Nail Problems?

Any alteration in your nail’s texture, shape, or color could indicate a concern. The following are some of the most frequent nail issues that the expert dermatologists should assess at Lumos Dermatology®:

v Dark Striations

Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, could be detected by a dark track beneath your nail. It necessitates a consultation with the Lumos Dermatology® staff.

v Greenish Color

If your nail’s hue is greenish, you might have a bacterial infection. If not treated properly, the infection could progress and spread to other parts of your hand.

v Lifting of the Nail

If your nail rises from the nailbed, you might have a fungal infection. This disorder could also occur as a result of a nail injury or if you have psoriasis.

v Ram’s Horn Nails

The term “ram’s horn nails” refers to swollen, thick nails. This issue tends to run in families, and expert assistance from the Lumos Dermatology® staff is required to control the overgrowth.

Besides any alterations in the look of your nails, if you suffer redness, inflammation, or soreness around the skin of your nail, you must seek medical attention. These signs and symptoms could point to an infection.

What Should You Anticipate During a Nail Problem Assessment?

Whenever you visit Lumos Dermatology® with concerns regarding your nails, the board-certified dermatologists perform a thorough examination. Throughout your evaluation, the experts will analyze your symptoms and health records, as well as check your nails and skin. A specimen of your nail or skin might be obtained to identify if your nail problem is triggered by a bacterial, mold, or fungal infection.

What Are the Options for Treating Nail Problems?

The inherent cause determines your nail problem’s therapy. The skilled dermatologists at Lumos Dermatology create tailored care regimens based on your unique needs. Possible treatments might include medication to clean up an infection or management of any underlying medical condition triggering your nail problems.

The knowledgeable staff could also discuss correct nail care to avoid future nail issues, such as hand cleanliness, as well as manicures and cuticle care practices.

If you realize an issue with your nails, do not panic, but do not disregard it either! It is usually a good idea to have such things checked out, if only for your peace of mind. Not only can the competent dermatologists at Lumos Dermatology® help you restore the health of your nails (and maybe avoid an infection), but they can also effectively detect and cure a more serious concern. For expert care for your nail concerns, call the nearest Lumos Dermatology® office or request an appointment online.

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