An Understanding of Rectal Cancer


The lower portion of the large intestine which helps in eliminating the waste products from the body through the anus is known as the Rectum. When cancer forms in this last portion of the intestine, the condition in medical terms is called Rectal Cancer.

The most common type of rectal cancer is known by the name of Adenocarcinoma. The mucosal layer of the rectum is the part that is most affected by this. Depending on how far the cancer has spread, in other words how many layers of the rectum it has penetrated, can the prognosis and treatment be carried out. The lymph nodes and other tissues surrounding the place are infected by this cancer, and it is through these lymphatic vessels that the cancer is capable of spreading to the other parts of the body.

Chicago, Illinois has one of the most able colorectal surgeons, Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon. She has several years of successful treatment and surgery of patients with rectal as well as colon cancer. Currently she is licensed to practice in Illinois and New York.

Though the immediate and exact cause of this cancer is unknown, yet some possible causes are as follows:

  1. Smoking
  2. Age
  3. Family history of anyone having rectal or colon cancer
  4. Diet containing mostly fat or animal products
  5. Personal history of polyps and colon or rectal cancer

It has been noted that those who are presently suffering from rectal cancer have some kind of a family history attached to it. It is hence recommended by expert surgeons like Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon from Chicago that if any of your family members have been patients of this type of cancer, then the other members of the family must go for annual check-ups to the doctor. If not so, then at least ten years before reaching the age of diagnosis of the suffering relative, a check-up should be carried out, to stay on the safe side.

Bleeding is one of the many visible symptoms that this cancer shows. Stool mixed with blood or simply bleeding from the rectum is a point of concern and needs immediate attention. Sometimes the cancer becomes large enough to obstruct the passage of faecal material and makes the patient very uncomfortable. This leads to constipation or cramping or both and is extremely painful.

There are times when even with the blockage, faecal matter is passed, but that is a very small amount. Bowel movement that is pencil thin is a sign to show the probable infection with rectal cancer. Prompt attention to this should be given by seeking the advice of proper efficient doctors who specialize in this genre of science.

Among the other symptoms, weight loss is one and another quite visible sign. If there is sudden loss of weight in a person, it is best to go for an overall check-up, as losing weight can be the result of several other causes too.

So, in case you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is always a good thing to visit a doctor at the initial onset of the problem and not let it linger.

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