What Causes Addition – Seek Expert Help to Know the Answers Right


Addiction is an unfortunate disorder. People who are battling it do not have a choice. They are bound by the desire to indulge in the substance, no matter how harmful it is to the health and mind. They submit to the craving because they have to not because they want to. This is an unfortunate story. It has been long since the world has waged war against the substances like drugs and alcohol. Yet, the war is not being won. Humanity is yet to stand victorious against addiction. Many wars have been lost because of the inability to seek help when there was still time.


An expert in the field, Dr. Curtis Cripe assures the addicts can be cured. Yes, with right mind set anything can be done. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the desire to take the required steps. First thing you need to understand is without knowledge there is no way of winning against drugs and alcohol. Knowledge is the only tool. For this reason, you need to educate yourself. Understand what causes addition. Understand how you can deal with it. Only when you do, you will be able to fight it successfully.

Addiction beings in the mind. This is more than a physical disorder. This is not a character flaw either. People consider it so, because of some preconceived belief. An addict is not a result of flawed character. Such discrimination makes people shrink into their shell. With time they retreat from human attention. This does not help them or anyone. By accepting that you need help, you can do yourself a big favor.

Two factors play together to cause addiction. Though this is a brain disorder, you still need some external help. Environment plays a big role in getting someone addicted to a substance. Family, belief and exposure to some substance get people addicted to it. The other reason, though has little support from researchers, is genetic inheritance. Sometimes it runs in the family. However, this does not mean that you are beyond help and all hope is lost for you. Such is not the case. Anyone can get rid of the disorder with proper help.

Dr. Curtis Cripe says that habit sometimes turn into addiction. Once you keep consuming something, you begin to experience a craving for the particular substance. This is when your habit of consuming that substance becomes an addiction.

Treating addiction is a complicated task. You need to understand that only medicine will not help. Of course, the doctor will prescribe some medicines to heal the damages made your body. However, as it has been said that the addiction lives deep within the mind and treating mind is not always possible without proper therapy.

Remember to get help at the early stage. It is important to come to term with the fact that you need help. Sometimes problems increases because people don’t opt for treatment. Timely therapy helps to reduce the craving for certain substance and also it helps to stay away from the addiction for a long time.

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