Know more about Tooth Sensitivity and What You can Do to Avoid It

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Has drinking anything too cold or too hot become bothersome for you to consume? Do you have to endure immense pain and a tingling sensation when you eat? Then you are being faced with the medical condition of teeth known as sensitivity. This is a condition when the tooth reacts in a very irksome manner to certain substances.

This condition also known as dental hypersensitivity is not conditioned by the sweet and sour flavours, it solely reacts to the extremely hot and cold substances. This is a very short term pain that is experienced, it could be said to be pangs which last for a part of a second, and anything more than that is not sensitivity. In that case you should consult your dentist and clarify the doubts. Dr. Peter Spennato is a dentist from CA who is very able and competent in providing the right kind of solutions to his patients.

The anatomy of a tooth reveals the various layers from inside to outside as pulp, dentin, crown and the enamel. The pulp is the portion that is encapsulated by the dentin which contains a host of nerve endings. It is mainly this part of the tooth that is affected when it comes in contact with something too hot or too cold. It is this that gives the experience of a sharp pain for a split-second.

The abrasion of teeth is what exposes the dentin and thus, the sensitivity is felt. Brushing the tooth for too long, causes the enamel and the crown to wear off, exposing the dentin and leading to the pain. Dentists like Dr. Peter Spennato, will recommend the brushing of teeth twice a day, as a good habit. However, there is a proper technique to be followed while brushing.

It should be remembered that brushing your teeth is not an act of showcasing your strength, so there is no need to brush very vigorously. Sturdy and clean strokes in the upward and downward motion are enough to clean the remaining food particles. Brushing of the teeth should always be followed by the use of floss and mouthwash. This done, your daily dose of brushing is complete.

A wrong method of brushing that uses a lot of pressure will slowly cause the recession of gums as well. This is when the root dentin gets exposed, which is an even more sensitive part than the former. A large percentage of the young adults are a victim of this, because they are the ones who do not keep a control on what they eat, and are of the wrong notion that brushing hard, helps to keep the teeth whiter and brighter.

Cracked tooth, teeth with cavity, some kind of oral treatment, are all sources of this tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity increases if proper care of the tooth is not taken, as the sills and the dents are also opened and exposed. This is the reason food that contains high level of sugar or some acid should be refrained from. In fact, too much of vitamin C could also lead to abrasion. Hence, care should be taken to maintain a healthy oral hygiene but not overwork it.

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