Comprehensive Rhinoplasty Specialist in Louisiana

Rhinoplasty Specialist

Are you bothered by the shape, symmetry, or size of your nose? A procedure known as rhinoplasty has the solution you need. Under the leadership of Dr. Gregory Pippin, MD, Dr. Adil Fatakia, MD, and the practitioners at ENT of New Orleans, patients across the more extensive Louisiana area can access comprehensive rhinoplasty procedures. Find out more about rhinoplasty by scheduling a face-to-face appointment with a Marrero rhinoplasty specialist by calling or book online.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty also referred to as a ‘nose job,’ is an invasive procedure that adjusts your nose’s shape or size. It is among the most common plastic surgery procedures across the US. The team of specialists at ENT of New Orleans provide desired results, guaranteeing all patients a smooth recovery process.

         When looking forward to a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s vital to seek the services of a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. To ensure that ENT of New Orleans stays abreast of their practice, all providers here are well skilled and highly-trained in administering safe and effective procedures.

         A rhinoplasty procedure can correct large, wide, or upturned nostrils, abnormally wide bridge, nasal asymmetry, nose size proportional with the rest of your face, nose profile with a visible hump, enlarged, drooping, or bulbous nasal tip. Rhinoplasty is a perfect way to achieve facial balance and symmetry, which are great signs of beauty. This procedure also comes in handy in reconstructing a broken nose or adjusting a deviated septum, which mainly results in nasal congestion.

What to Expect with Rhinoplasty?

         During an appointment, your provider ensures that you rest comfortably from the beginning till completion. The procedure starts with your specialist creating small incisions at the base of your nose. Your skin is slightly lifted to access the cartilage and bone beneath. After which, your nasal tissues are removed or augmented to develop the best feasible shape and size for your facial structure.

         If more tissue is required, cartilage can be drawn from the inner areas of your nose or other body parts. Once your specialist achieves desirable results, the incision is closed and bandaged. Because rhinoplasty is an outpatient treatment, patients can get back home the same day.

How Is Recovery Following Rhinoplasty?

         Your specialist at ENT of New Orleans offers a full recovery care guide before your treatment. Adhering to these instructions is an essential part of a successful recovery. Patients are advised to sleep with their head slightly raised some days following the procedure. Some degree of swelling, bleeding, bruising, and drainage is normal but will quickly fade away.

         Besides, you should avoid strenuous physical activity during your recovery period, plus avoid making exorbitant facial expressions. You’ll begin noticing the effects of your treatment in the coming weeks. It may take even a full year to realize optimal results, but you should expect these results to last for a lifetime.

         That said, providers at ENT of New Orleans welcome new and existing patients throughout Louisiana to this state-of-the-art practice. To find out more about rhinoplasty, schedule a personalized consultation by calling the nearest office or book online.

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