Why You Need Radio Frequency Treatment

The skin is the most visible part of your body, and you can do many things to maintain that young, natural, and flawless skin. Sadly, as you age, you will begin to notice your skin sagging in your neck, hands, and face regions. The specialists at Cosmedoctor can help you get that redefinition to your skin that will increase your confidence levels as you age with smooth skin in a body region of your choice. Here is what you need to know if you are looking to get radiofrequency skin tightening in Woodbury.

How Skin Tightening Works

Radiofrequency works by targeting the deeper layers of the skin to give you your desired skin. Aging causes the deeper layers of your skin to lose their tightness, affecting the outlook of the surface of your skin. To have your skin tighter and smoother as before, a targeted heat treatment that uses radio frequency is required. The process makes the skin produce natural hormones, elastin and collagen, which combine to give it the desired outlook. The procedure focuses on the hands, neck, face, and shoulders and works for most skin types.

For safety purposes, the procedure is FDA approved, meaning that when you visit Cosmedoctor, you will not have to worry about your health. This treatment focuses on the skin’s epidermal layers, and its primary goal is to give you a smoother and firmer skin. Different brand names involved in the procedure approved by the FDA include Exilis, Thermage and THERMI RF.

When you walk in at Cosmedoctor, you will specify the regions you want treated, as the procedure is specific with results expected in a few months after the treatment.

Facts about the Procedure

  • The treatment is simple and takes about 30-90 minutes with no downtime, depending on the skin type.
  • Most patients have an option when it comes to the treatment, as it is suitable for most skin types.
  • The procedure, referred to as subdermal, only requires small surgery-using anesthesia, making it safe with limited side effects.
  • The results are gradual and will appear after a few months.
  • Optimal results require a series of about 2-6 treatments.

Is the treatment safe?

Most electronic products you own emit radio frequencies; however, unlike these, the radiofrequency used in this procedure is highly controlled, making it safe. The cleared technologies for the exercise can determine the optimal temperature for inducing hormones under your skin. Such a steady process will prevent overheating and other adverse side effects, making it safe for anyone with the desire to have smooth skin. Most patients recover quickly after the procedure with short-lived side effects such as tingling, redness, and swelling.

Qualified doctors help reduce the risks involved with such a procedure. If you suspect that your skin has started aging and you want to look young, book an appointment with Cosmedoctor Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa located in Woodbury, NY and find out how you can get your skin firmer and smoother. The staff at the facility will take you through the procedure and help you make an informed decision if the process is a good fit.

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