Anxiety Disorders: When Do You Seek Help?

Are you having feelings of worry making your heart pound relentlessly or feel like something terrible is just about to occur? Or perhaps, are you having hallucinations when asleep at night? If yes, these could be signs of anxiety disorder. Your specialists at 2nd Chance Treatment Center understand that this mental disorder can cause intense feelings of worry for no apparent reason. Do not worry; you are not alone.

You can prevent this condition from interfering with your performance or tearing your relationship apart when you get professional help. Your family and friends may not understand what you are going through, but your physician does, which is why you should not shy away from spending time at their facility receiving ketamine infusions to help you conquer this monster.

Read on to discover how ketamine therapy can help relieve your anxiety so that your life can go back to normal.

Signs it is time to seek help for anxiety

Anyone can experience anxiety from time to time since this is a natural reaction to stressful situations. However, if you have an anxiety disorder, the feelings of nervousness, helplessness, worry, and unrest take center stage in your life such that you are unable to live everyday life. If you frequently experience the following symptoms, this can be a sign of generalized anxiety disorder:

  •       Overthinking
  •       Compulsive worrying
  •       Difficulty handling uncertain situations
  •       Indecisiveness
  •       Difficulty concentrating
  •       Inability to relax

Anxiety disorder can manifest in a variety of symptoms including:

  •       Muscle tension
  •       Sweating
  •       Chronic fatigue
  •       Trouble sleeping or Insomnia
  •       Irritable bowel syndrome

When your life becomes stuck in the middle of these symptoms, it is time to seek help.

Starting on the path to health

The first step in waging a battle against anxiety is to recognize that you have a problem. After you have established that you need help, talk to your doctor so that they can conduct an accurate diagnosis. If you return positive results, your doctor will first put you on conservative treatment options including talk therapy and anti-anxiety medicines.

A combination of these two conservative treatment options has been found to provide relief and enable patients to live better lives. If this does not happen in your case, your doctor will put you on ketamine therapy.

How ketamine therapy can help

If you suffer from treatment-resistant anxiety, your doctor can offer ketamine therapy in the form of oral doses or as an infusion. Ketamine infusion therapy helps provide a calming effect so that you can achieve body and mind relaxation. Unlike prescription medication, which can take time before achieving potency, ketamine infusions get to work immediately after your treatment.

Your doctor will determine the right treatment plan for you based on your medical history and symptoms exhibited. Your treatment will be outpatient-based and you can go home after every session. Your sessions will last for two weeks.

Do not allow another day to pass when enduring the symptoms of anxiety. Consult your doctor to learn how ketamine therapy can help.


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