When to Visit a Physiotherapist for Back Pain?


Back pain is a familiar experience for most people. Many of us experience severe pain in the back due to different reasons like accidents, physical trauma, heavy activities, etc. According to reliable statistics, almost everyone experiences back pain at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, it’s easier to ignore back pain rather than to visit a doctor to address it. Most people don’t understand how necessary it is to get checked by a professional to restore their physical health and prevent other problems. The best idea when experiencing back pain is to visit a physiotherapist. They have been educated and trained for years to deal with different physical problems and help patients to stay healthy and fit. An experienced physiotherapist, Kasra Mirhosseini, in North York, Toronto, describes that these professionals can help patients of different ages with proper treatments based on their condition and requirements. Your back pain can develop into a chronic health problem and may not heal on its own. Therefore, you should visit a reliable physiotherapist to protect your physical health and relieve back pain. In order to treat the problem before it gets worse, you need to know when to see a physiotherapist. Here are some helpful signs showing you should visit a physiotherapist regarding your back pain.

Numbness, Tingling or Sharp Pain

If you overlook your back pain, it can cause more serious health problems like neurological issues. Feeling numb and tingling in your legs and arms can signify such problems. An experienced physiotherapist can carefully examine your body condition to find the source of the problem. Then a suitable treatment plan will be provided which will work best for you.

Staying Awake at Night Because of the Back Pain

Back pain that prevents you from sleeping at night is not normal. Many people can’t sleep properly because of the ache and pain they feel around their backs. So, it’s necessary to visit your physiotherapist to see the leading cause of your pain and discomfort.

Not Moving as Easily as Before

The back pain may limit your movements, so you aren’t able to walk or move like before. It can disturb your regular life routines and make you irritated and anxious. An experienced physiotherapist can assess your situation to have the correct diagnosis. Then it’s time to start a customized treatment plan to resolve the issue, relieve your pain and prevent further physical problems.

Not Being Able to Do Regular Tasks

If you can’t complete your everyday tasks as easily as before because of back pain, it’s time to make an appointment with your physiotherapist. It’s not pleasant to find you can’t go to the gym or lift heavy objects as you could. Your physiotherapist can help you get back to your everyday life.

Continuous Back Pain 

Back pain may be expected in some cases. But you should consult your physiotherapist if your pain lasts longer than one or two weeks. If you suffer from pain and discomfort for more than a week without any signs of healing, it’s time to visit your physiotherapist.

If you don’t have to suffer from back pain, don’t waste time and visit your physiotherapist today!

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