What Is the Drug Special K Made Of?

What Is the Drug Special K Made Of

Ketamine is created through a mixture of different chemicals. Special K’s chemical formula is C13H16CINO. This formula is formally read as 2-(2-Chlorophenyl) in chemical terms – (Methylamino) – Cyclohexanone Hydrochloride. This drug falls under the class of pharmaceutical chemicals known as arylcyclohexamines or arycyclohexylamines. This class of drugs contains what is known as NMDA receptor antagonist. Basically, this is a class of anesthetics that is dissociative in nature. They are administered on both humans and animals.

This class of drugs is made up of cyclohexylamine and mainly a phenyl molecule that has undergone arlylation. Arlylation refers to any kind of reaction that involves the introduction of an aryl group, such as phenyl. Cyclohexylamine is an organic compound that varies from colorless to a yellowish color and has a fish-like smell that can also be compared to the smell of ammonia. This compound has an irritable effect to the respiratory system and the nose. It has a burning effect when exposed on the skin.

To obtain Special K, it must go through a combination process that involves these molecules and ions in a chemical process known as chirality. These compounds are then subjected to a process of crystallization. Through this process, the Special K is created for medical use. Another end product of this process is usually R Ketamine. R Ketamine is usually non usable for medical purposes due to its impure nature.

In conclusion, Special K is made through a complicated process that involves different stages and chemical reactions.

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