What Is Functional Medicine, and What Benefits Does It Offer?

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine entails more than conventional medical approaches to enhance body processes through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. It integrates both traditional and alternative medicine treatments to address the root cause of your disease. While it shares similarities with Chinese medicine, alternative medicine uses laboratory tests to identify imbalances and deficits. The practitioners of functional medicine in Sandy Springs believe that addressing the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms offers effective results allowing them to come up with more reliable treatment options.

This article will focus on the most prevalent advantages that can be gained through functional medicine. Read on for more.

Personalized Focus

Functional medicine is a treatment approach where both you and your doctor work hand-in-hand to determine the cause of your problem. The doctor will examine your personal medical history, lifestyle, environment, and other underlying factors that can help identify the cause of the disease before developing a health-enhancing plan to restore good health. It differs from conventional medicine, where medical practitioners mainly focus on alleviating symptoms instead of addressing the condition itself.


Functional medicine is based on both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. While it acknowledges the benefits of traditional medicine when dealing with severe illnesses, it also believes that conventional medicine does not have the vast tools to manage chronic conditions. Unlike professionals dealing in conventional medicine, functional medicine experts take advantage of the tools of healing to aid recovery from different chronic diseases. They integrate various approaches and monitor your diet, nutrition, exercise, and mind’s functionality to help you attain sustainable vitality and wellness.

Authentic Healthcare

Unlike conventional medicine, which emphasizes disease care, functional medicine works to provide you with a more practical approach to overall health care. A functional medicine practitioner incorporates many different factors ranging from supplements and diet to stress reduction, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to help improve the functionality of your body organs to prevent illness and achieve sustainable health.

Addresses Underlying Causes

In conventional medicine, medical practitioners focus on making a diagnosis and creating a treatment plan based on the specific diagnosis. In functional medicine, practitioners put less emphasis on making a diagnosis and focus more on any underlying imbalances and dysfunctions. These underlying factors are the mechanisms of the disease, which most conventional treatment approaches ignore. Through functional medicine, the practitioner can address the underlying causes of your illness and come up with a more durable solution to your ailment.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

When getting treatment from functional medicine practitioners, they will address the health problems early instead of turning them into chronic health issues. They address various issues such as diet and exercise to control multiple issues such as type 2 diabetes.

To summarise, functional medicine is a medical approach that uses both conventional and alternative medicine. It offers many advantages, including a personalized focus, authentic healthcare, the ability to prevent diseases instead of waiting for them to develop and treat them, and the ability to address underlying causes instead of treating symptoms. Functional medicine is also broad-based.

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