Restore Your Youthfulness with Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

As you age, you are likely to develop wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and fine lines, which may interfere with your beauty. Facial imperfections can lower your self-esteem, making it difficult for you to enjoy your life. Luckily, Dr. Leo Urbinelli in Portland offers a wide range of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments to restore your natural glow.

What is the work of a plastic and reconstructive facial surgeon?

Dr. Urbinelli and his team at PNW Plastic Surgery use a patient-centered approach to attend to your needs. He offers a wide range of non-invasive and minimally invasive facial treatments to help you look and feel better about yourself. He addresses facial imperfections like signs of aging, scars, and facial abnormalities.

What does cosmetic and facial surgery involve?

Some of the facial treatments at PNW Plastic Surgery include:

· Radiofrequency microneedling

Dr. Urbinelli uses a state-of-the-art technology known as Morpheus 8 to restore your skin’s natural glow and improve its appearance. The Morpheus 8 Approach is Radiofrequency energy in conjunction with microneedling to cause microtrauma to your skin. The procedure involves delivering heat to the microneedle tips to cause dermal injury that stimulates your body’s natural healing powers, leading to fresh and rejuvenated skin.

· Chemical peels

Chemical peels are procedures that use medically formulated acidic solutions to reduce the visibility of skin pigmentations, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Your provider applies the acidic solution to the target area to deeply exfoliate your skin, leaving you with smoother and radiant skin.

· Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion refers to a skin-resurfacing technique that uses a specific device to remove the outer layers of your skin. This procedure minimizes the visibility of numerous skin flaws such as acne, surgery scars, and age spots.

· Skincare products

PNW Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of skin products that contain ingredients that effectively remove your facial flaws, restoring and enhancing your youthful appearance.

What are the different types of facial reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Urbinelli offers the following surgical procedures:

· Facelift

A facelift refers to an innovative cosmetic procedure that resolves the visual signs of aging by removing excess fat and skin from your face. PNW Plastic Surgery offers personalized approaches to address the individual needs of each patient successfully. Your provider may use a sub-superficial muscular aponeurotic system facelift and transconjunctival mid-facelift to resolve your facial imperfections.

· Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a cutting-edge surgical procedure that corrects the disfigurations and defects of your eyelids by removing excess fat, muscle, and skin. Dr. Urbinelli uses subtle approaches that are effective in resolving droopy eyelids and enhancing your physical appearance. Blepharoplasty addresses issues such as puffy, heavy, and prominent eyelids for medical or cosmetic purposes.

· Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation refers to a cosmetic procedure that adds volume to your lips, making them look plumper and supple. The team uses the injectable dermal filler to enhance the size and shape of your lips and improve your facial symmetry.

If you do not like your facial appearance at the moment, call PNW Plastic Surgery or schedule an online appointment to have your issues sorted.

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