Water Kefir for Sale: What is It and Why You Should Take It

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Water Kefir is a carbonated, fermented beverage that is prepared from kefir grains. The beverage has been in existence since the late 1800s. This drink packs lots of probiotics in a single drink, making it a healthy alternative to taking the common fizzy drinks found in many shopping outlets.

The special type of grains is used to culture coconut water, juice or sugar water, thereby creating the carbon gas a breaking down the sugar. The culturing is done by combining sugar water with kefir grains and leaving them to ferment for up to 48 hours. Traditionally, kefir grains were combined with goat or cow milk to produce a probiotic-rich drink. However, the water sugar version contains no dairy products and, therefore, ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

What Makes Kefir Grains?

These are unique grains that are made from yeast and bacteria that exist in a symbiotic relationship. The word ‘kefir grains’ only describes the grain appearance of the culture as there are no grains used in the process. You may find powdered kefir in stores rather than the kefir grains. The powder also makes the beverage.

However, kefir grains have a high number of probiotics than the powder. If you take good care of the grains, you can use them indefinitely to make your water kefir beverage. The powder can only be used for a few times.

What are the Benefits of the Beverage?

The presence of large amounts of beneficial bacteria found in the gut helps in digestion and dealing with the effects of highly sugary foods in the diet. It is believed that the grains contain over 50 types of different beneficial bacteria. If you take the drink for some time, you will experience a gradual improvement of your digestive system, manage weight and experience improved alertness, especially with a lowered sugar intake.

Studies have shown that the beverage also helps fit several cancers, including that of the colon and blood. However, research in this field is still ongoing. The drink has also been found to boost immunity in many people suffering from infections as recurring urinary tract infections and inflammatory autoimmune responses. It also suppresses the effects of inflammatory conditions such as asthma.

The drink does not have significant side effects. However, just like any other probiotic drink, you may experience some constipation, bloating and nausea as you get started with the beverage. These side effects subside as you take the beverage regularly.

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