6 Ways to Undo Winter Damage to Hair & Skin!


There are plenty of things to love about winter, but the way it ravages our skin and locks isn’t one of them, right? Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a perennially warm climate, where your hair and skin are not damaged by the weather changes.

We all know that feeling of winter dryness: rough, chapped lips, brittle nails, and hair that feels like it desperately needs a vacation to some tropical paradise. So we have some genius tips to lock in moisture and undo winter damage — even when Mother Nature delivers her icy kiss.

Moisturize like mad

The work of moisturizer is to create a seal on your skin to prevent water from escaping. In a drier environment (like winter), your skin loses moisture faster, so it’s crucial that you moisturize consistently. Timing is also important. “People should really be moisturizing right after they get out of the shower, when their skin is damp.” “That’s when you want to lock that moisture into your skin so that your skin holds glow for a long time.

Use face pack & face mask

Face packs often works as a scrub which helps in preventing different kinds of skin problem. The combination of multani mitti and sandalwood powder can work wonders for your skin or you can also use multani mitti and rosewater face pack. It is a great home remedy for pimples and glowing skin. These multanimitti facepacks has innumerable benefits. These face packs helps to get oil-free glowing skin in no time. So, next time when you have to look your best, shun the visits to beauty parlors, and instead try your hands on some of these excellent and effective face packs.

Skip the harsh soaps          

Using harsh soaps can strip oil from your skin and cause it to become dry. Be wary of products that may contain fragrances, such as deodorant bars or antibacterial soaps. Instead, look for skin care products that contain moisturizers or added oils. The gentle and more moisturizing the product is, the better it is for your skin.

Hair tips          

Shampoo less

It is said that like skin our hair also gets dry and damaged if too much of hot water is used or over-washed. And while the above tips can help tame your tresses in the winter, there are dry hair problems like flaking or itching. So to overcome such problems we should space out the frequency of the washes which can help because the more hot water you have touching your scalp, the more you’re going to dry it out. If you space out your washes to every other day or every couple of days (depending on your hair type), that’s going to help decrease some of the dryness you’re experiencing.

Condition more

 Conditioner helps improve the look of damaged hair and increases hair strength.While shampooing, focus on your scalp; with conditioner, focus on your hair tips.

Massage more.

From centuries we have heard about the benefits of massaging hair with hair growth oil. And we all would agree that it’s actually beneficial. Hence, it is advised to massage the hair regularly to get rid of all kinds of hair problems.

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