Topic : Loose inches without burns and pains – Lipo Light the new age technology

burns and pains

As the technology is advancing, there are new methods and technology that is making a way in the health industry.  Loosing excess fat and inches from the body is a great deal for women around the world. With the advanced technology, easier methods have come in being to help women find their confidence again. Lipo Light is the new age treatment that helps the fat to leave the fat cells that create energy and store it for later use. One can lose 2-6cms, depending upon the body mass index of the client. This treatment is accepted by many professionals and their clients too.

Lipo Light is the most powerful among the other LED Machines as it uses 16 powerful pads or probes.  The energy emitted per second is 5.7 Joules, which is much more than the machines of China that emits 1.2 – 1.4 Joules per second. There are no side effects to this treatment and does not cause any pain. It is mostly used in sculpting the body and renewal of collagen.

Usually the treatment or one session takes 20 minutes. The probes used in this light, is necessarily used in one go. It can be used as per the body part requirement. To be eligible for this treatment, one should have body mass index more than 18.5. there are certain do’s and don’ts before and after the treatment. Avoiding tea, coffee and alcohol before the treatment but do have plenty of water after the treatment to avoid dehydration.  Do not eat at least 2-3 hours before and after the treatment.  After each treatment do exercise for at least 30-45 minutes to avoid the fat to be stored back in the fat cells again. Lipo Light is a painless therapy.

Lipo Light works best on flabby arms and belly fat. This therapy breaks the lymphatic nodes that result in better fat loss. Once the target area is completed with the required sessions, then another area can be focussed on. This therapy works best on women than men specially who are new moms. This therapy does not pose any threat to damage of any of the other organs. Usually after every session, one can see the difference. If they do not, then rest assured that after all the sessions a drastic inch loss will be visible.  With this therapy one tends to improve the skin tone and texture.

Lipo Light is the new generation laser technology. The heat is managed efficiently that results in no burning and no pain too. It is much faster and efficient. It can be used for long hours that too nonstop. It is popular among commercial users like clinics etc.

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