5 Signs You’re a Skincare Expert

GP Signs Youre a Skincare

How much do you know about skincare? Do you think you know enough to qualify as an expert? A lot of people do, as evidenced by the amount of advice you can find online. But as with any topic, there are those who know more than others. The question to ask yourself is whether you know enough to give reasonably good advice to others.

Becoming an expert in skincare is all about researching and absorbing information. The more factual information you know, the greater the level of expertise you possess. So to help answer the question of how much you actually know, here are five signs suggesting you might be a skincare expert, compliments of Poethique:

1. You Know the Difference between Natural and Organic

The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are widely used in the food, cosmetics, and skincare industries. They are not interchangeable. Just because a product is advertised as natural does not necessarily make it organic, and vice-versa. Knowing the difference between the two is important when you are giving advice.

2. You Know What a Chemical Is

Skincare experts are fully aware that chemicals are substances that have been prepared or purified using the principles of chemistry. We generally accept that chemicals are less desirable for skincare applications, but it is not correct to make any blanket statements. There are some chemicals made entirely out of natural ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin.

3. You Know What Harms the Skin

If you are a skincare expert, you know the kinds of things that actually harm the skin. For example, you know how taking long, hot showers can strip away the sebum naturally produced by the body. Long, hot showers actually dry out the skin despite the fact that a person is standing under water for a length of time.

You also know that aggressive exfoliation is equally harmful. Scrubbing the skin irritates it, leading to all sorts of issues ranging from acne to uneven skin tone. As such, you advise people to use gentle exfoliates applied via gentle means.

4. You Know That One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Next, you may be a skincare expert if you know that one size doesn’t fit all in skincare. Through your years of research and study, you have come to realize there is no single product that works universally for all consumers. You recognize that people are individuals with their own needs.

It is funny, but there are a lot of skincare experts who push an exclusive product line or a single methodology as being the best for everyone. They apparently do not recognize the unique needs of the people they are advising.

5. You Know That Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Finally, true skincare experts do not promote a single definition of the word ‘beauty’. They understand that beauty is a personal thing, defined by the individual. Beauty is in the eye of the holder, not in cultural norms. As such, what one person does to achieve her vision of beauty will be completely different from what another does.

So, how did you do? Do any of these signs apply you? If so, you are probably more than capable of giving sound skincare advice to your friends and family members. Good for you. Just know that there is no perfect skincare routine for everyone. Also remember that not everyone knows what you know.

There is a lot more to being a skincare expert than having knowledge of a particular product line. Hopefully that has been made abundantly clear in this post.

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