Top 4 Acne Myths Debunked


Are you thinking that you are the only one dealing with acne? Far from it! Millions of people worldwide are either dealing or have dealt with acne at some point in their life. It is no surprise to find drugstores heavily packed with acne-fighting creams, gels, face washes, and others. Treatment of acne can be a daunting task, especially when you have tried several products and none seems to work. It can become quite frustrating, and you might lose hope of ever having smooth, acne-free skin. If you are dealing with Downtown DC acne, you might find yourself bombarded with various myths and misconceptions. Regardless of the stories you may hear or come across on the internet, knowing the truth is the best way to deal with your acne problem. The following are some of the popular myths which you should not let get in your way:

1. Teens are the only ones who get acne

Acne represents the most common skin disease, and anyone can get it. Research shows that at least 30% of adults experience acne. It is just that teens are the most affected by acne, with at least 85% of them suffering from some form of it.

2. If you stop stressing, your acne problem will go away

If only this were true. While it is true that experiencing too much stress might make your body produce more hormones that stimulate the production of oil, there are many other potential causes of the breakouts. For instance, you could be having acne because of genetics or other hormone fluctuations. If you think that you will be okay if you find a way to stop stressing, that is not entirely true. If you want to deal with acne, you must practice an inside-out approach. It entails a healthy lifestyle and diet and the best acne-fighting regimen you can get your hand on.

3. Acne will eventually go away on its own

Acne is never some rite of passage that everyone has to go through, and it fades over time. While it might clear up by the time you are in your late teens or early twenties, some people, especially women, have acne even in their adult years. You might think you should have outgrown your acne, but sometimes it just does not happen. When you realize that your acne affects your health or happiness, you should do something about it. Talk to a specialist and look for ways to deal with your acne problem for good.

4. Scrubbing your face hard will make acne disappear

It would help if you understood that acne is not caused by dirt. You cannot scrub it away. In some cases, gentle exfoliation can help treat acne, but if you clean your face too hard, it might increase inflammation, worsening your acne problem. While it might be tempting to scrub your face, gently using excellent quality acne treatment products is much better.

It might be challenging to live with acne, but learning what is true or not should help you take better action. When you break down the myths and misconceptions, you will start to feel more confident, and you can seek treatment for better, smoother skin.

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