Start with Accurate Information When You Consider LASIK Surgery


There’s little doubt that many people can benefit from choosing LASIK to enhance their vision. In fact, there are several distinct benefits on the list. But the first thing that you’ll need to do is answer a question: Am I a candidate?

Not every individual who wants to have this procedure can have it. The ideal candidate is 18 or older with healthy corneas. This individual must not have had a significant prescription increase in the past 12 months. In addition, individuals with specific medical conditions and pregnant women may not be candidates for LASIK. With these limitations in mind, you should still consult with your medical professional to discuss options that may be available to you.

How You Benefit

People who begin looking at this procedure understand that the primary benefit is improved vision. Studies conducted after LASIK show that vision is a lot better in 95% of patients, with about 85% having 20/20 vision restored. It’s also important to understand that the results will be permanent after an adjustment period of a few months. Generally, no follow-up procedure is needed.

When you choose to work with a specialist in LASIK in San Antonio, you can expect to see results soon after the surgery, generally in a day. There are exceptions for those who work in locations that are very dusty or dirty. After you’ve had this procedure completed by a trained and skilled professional, you’ll no longer have the expense of contacts. Once you make the initial investment in LASIK surgery, you’ll begin saving hundreds of dollars every year by not purchasing contacts.

If you’ve worn glasses all of your life and this was the only way that you had to correct your vision, you can put them aside for good after LASIK. You not only improve your vision permanently but you change your look as well. Just buy the style of sunglasses that you like without worrying about having special lenses for your vision.

Learn More

As with any investment or major purchase, you should devote time to learning as much as possible about LASIK and what it can do for you. This time for learning is even more important when the investment involves your health and well-being. You can get plenty of information when you visit the website of a trusted provider. But you might want to talk to a representative to discuss your specific situation. This is extremely important because the medical professionals must determine if you’re a good candidate for the surgery.

Of course, only you can make the final decision on having LASIK. You should start on the path with realistic expectations, basing your decision on the facts provided by dependable sources. Your medical professional will be able to answer your questions accurately and honestly and will guide you towards the correct decision for you.

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