Looking After Our Teeth Often Means Looking After Our Mental Health

Looking After Our Teeth

What do we see when we look in the mirror? Different sciences have very different answers to that idea. On a biological level we’re interpreting the input from optic nerves within our eyes. If we consider physics, then the answer comes down to light from a reflective surface. But it’s one of the soft sciences which offers an answer which means the most to us.

Psychology says what we see in a mirror has a lot to do with our self-image. It’s true that when we look in a mirror, we’ll be presented with an objective view of ourselves. And it’s true that the reflection travels along our optic nerves to our brain. But that’s where the most important part of the process happens. It’s in our brain that we take in everything we see and consider what it means to us on a deeply personal level. We tend to take in every little imperfection we see. In fact, it’s quite common for people to end up far more critical of themselves than they would be of a stranger.

For example, consider the case of someone in Warren who has problems with her teeth. It might be a major problem such as one or more teeth suffering from extreme decay. Or it might simply come down to extensive discoloration. But whatever the reason, when she looks in the mirror, she won’t see something that brings any real joy. Instead she’s presented with something that causes her a great deal of distress. There will probably be some significant issues with her teeth. But again, it’s less important what others see. To her it’s something that can destroy any happiness she might try to find in a social environment.

However, things are often easier to fix than we initially believe. It’s important to consider an earlier point about self-image. We tend to exaggerate the significance of the negative. She might find that she’s able to take care of the problem by just taking more care with her oral hygiene on a day to day basis. Over the course of months this can make a huge difference. She finally decides to search out a cosmetic dentist warren mi adjacent. And what she finds there changes her life forever.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s experiences will vary. But in our example, we’re considering someone who has significant but not extreme damage. Or rather it might be better today that it’s not extreme to an outside observer. To her it’s something that continually ruins her day. But the dentist can go over every issue she has with her teeth. They go over the various options to fix her smile.

Over the course of the discussion they’re able to create a solid list of options. And these options will in turn become a plan of action. And in only a handful of visits she’s been able to discover something amazing. She’s discovered what it feels like to smile in the mirror and enjoy what she sees.

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