Signs Indicating You Need a Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair loss is a typical process that every human being goes through. In fact, the average human being sheds at least 100-200 hair per day, so falling hair strands is normal, but there are situations where you should be cautious about hair loss.

Unlike hair loss due to heredity reasons or usage of excessive hair styling products, if you are experiencing hair loss due to other uncommon factors, then it is crucial to check with the Austin Texas Hair Restoration Center, that can guide you on what can be done to prevent further hair loss.

Usually, people mistake natural hair fall for hair loss, wherein if a new hair does not replace the lost hair, then it is considered hair loss. Seeing a bald patch on your head can be disheartening. 

This blog will help you understand the signs when you need a hair restoration treatment. By the end of this blog post, you feel confident talking to a reliable doctor to understand all the other options. 

Here are some practical signs indicating that you might require a hair restoration treatment.

Most people experience baldness or hair loss because of their family genetics since heredity plays a significant role in a person’s hair growth. Apart from that, several signs and symptoms might signal you to get a hair restoration treatment. The following are some practical signs for getting a hair restoration treatment. They include:

  1. Loss of Hair – You may experience hair loss all of a sudden due to an emotional shock which results in hair thinning, so you will start to lose hair simply by combing or even gently massaging your hair. 
  2. Slow Thinning of the Hair – Along with hair loss, if you feel that your hair is thinning, it is the right time to call for a hair restoration treatment because, gradually, the hair loss will continue despite the home remedies that you try.
  3. Patchy Hair Loss – Although people experience hair loss on their forehead or at the top of their head, sometimes patchy hair loss also may occur, which creates patches of hair loss on a person’s head, leaving an open scalp. 
  4. Itchy Bald Spots – Like patchy hair loss, you might experience hair loss in a circular manner where you may have circular bald spots on your head, which can be painful and itchy, so getting a hair restoration treatment during this time can be helpful.

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