How to Keep Your Achilles Tendon Healthy

Achilles Tendon

While performing our daily tasks from day to day, the body has to endure all the pressures and stresses that we come across. Our feet, legs, arms, and back are all affected by our everyday lives and how we treat our bodies. Likewise, sportspersons also get injured when playing recreational sports. The Achilles tendon is a cord that connects the heel’s bone and the muscles on the back of the calf. If ruptured, the person needs to get treatment for the Achilles tendon in Katy. Here are some ways by which you can keep it healthy:

Perform stretching exercises.

In order to keep your legs, calves, and Achilles tendon healthy, you should perform stretching exercises on a regular basis. You should stretch your calves until you feel a pull in them. However, you should not stretch in a way that you start to feel any pain. This way, the calves become stronger and they can take more pressure. This prevents injury on the Achilles tendon. It is also a good idea to get in touch with a trainer who is well-versed with these exercises.

Run only on smooth surfaces.

It has been observed that running on rough, hard, and slippery surfaces may cause severe damage and injuries to the legs and calves. Besides that, the right kind of shoes plays a vital role when it comes to running. If you want to jog or run, you should choose which running surfaces and shoes you use carefully. The shoes must provide cushioning to the heels.

Vary your exercise regime.

If you want to keep your legs and calves healthy, it is highly recommended to alter your exercises on a daily basis. If you want to gain bodily strength, you should vary your exercises. Occasionally you should replace running and jogging with other activities such as swimming and biking. In order to avoid injury to the Achilles tendon, you should avoid exercises such as jumping and hill climbing.

Increase your physical intensity gradually.

If you want to keep the lower part of your body healthy, you should increase the intensity of physical activities slowly. To do so, you should increase the time, frequency, and distance on a weekly basis. It will help the body adapt to changes more easily.

Legs take the most stress out of the amount of work we do. You should keep the above-mentioned key points in mind to keep them stronger than ever before.

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