Should You Consider Space Maintainers for Your Child?

Space Maintainers

According to the American Dental Association, most children grow their first complete set of teeth by the age of 3. While this often happens after a natural process of losing their primary teeth, there might be some unfortunate cases where a child loses one or more teeth prematurely. This might happen due to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, dental injury, or hereditary conditions. Space maintainers can then be used to hold open the space left by the missing teeth until permanent teeth grow. But when is the right time to consider space maintainers in Brea for your child?

How Do Children Lose Teeth Prematurely?

Most children lose their primary teeth during the early stages of their lives and grow a complete set of permanent teeth. Sometimes, however, a child might lose a tooth or more prematurely if they get hit in the mouth while playing or develop childhood cavities. The last scenario can happen if a child is exposed to the sugar content in milk for extended periods, such as when they sleep with milk in their mouth. In some cases, a child may lose their primary teeth prematurely due to genetic conditions.

When Should Your Child Get Space Maintainers?

Regardless of the reasons for your child’s premature teeth loss, you should consider space maintainers to protect their oral health and dental formula. Doing this will ensure their permanent teeth grow in the right locations and minimize their risk of developing conditions related to early tooth loss. If space maintainers are not used, the remaining teeth might shift, causing permanent teeth to grow in the wrong places.

That said, you might not need space maintainers if the premature teeth loss comes close to when the natural shedding process is expected.

Benefits of a Space Maintainer

Space maintainers are not only necessary when your child loses their teeth prematurely, but they also offer a wide range of benefits to your child’s oral health. Here are some:

1. Protected Oral Health

Permanent teeth that grow in the wrong positions or at inappropriate angles can lead to an irregular dental formula, causing your child to be self-conscious about how they look or forcing them to get braces in the future. An irregular dental formula also exposes your child to the risk of future problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Getting space maintainers can protect them from all these problems and discomfort.

2. Easy to Maintain

Space maintainers are not only easy to take off but can be easily cleaned by simply flossing and brushing the teeth twice daily. If they are removable, your child only has to wear them for at least 14 hours a day, after which you can remove and rinse them to keep them clean.

3. Flexible Solution

There are numerous space maintainers for you to choose from and that your child’s dentist will customize to meet their dental needs and preferences.


When your child loses their teeth before the natural shedding process, you can protect them from future oral health problems by getting space maintainers. If you decide to do this or have questions about the procedure, consult Jinee Chun, DDS, and the highly experienced team at Dental Kidz Club. You can schedule a consultation online or call their Corona, Covina, Ontario, California, Riverside, and Perris offices today.

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