Premature Ejaculation Treatment: Various Ways to Last Longer in Your Bed


It is no longer a secret that premature ejaculation, as well as other sexual problems, is men’s biggest nightmare. Not being able to last long enough bed to satisfy a partner can hurt a man’s pride. As a consequence, his social and mental state may be disturbed in the forms of lower self-esteem, a degraded relationship with his partner, retraction from social activities, and many other problems.

Premature ejaculation can be triggered by various factors such as certain prescription medications, over consumptions of cigarettes and alcohol, frequent masturbation, infections in the bladder, over-sensitivity of the penis, and others. Many may not realize that to eradicate the problem, one should first discover what the cause is. Regardless of the cause, many men try various methods to try to last longer in bed. Given below are several known methods used for treating premature ejaculation.

Desensitizing spray

For premature ejaculation caused by over-sensitivity of the penis, most people use a desensitizing spray. This treatment helps by giving a numbing sensation to the penis, thus helping it to erect longer by delaying climax. Most desensitizing sprays contain lidocaine and prilocaine as the main ingredients; both are anesthetics with numbing properties and commonly used by dentists or waxing salons. While the topical solution can help your sexual problem temporarily, it can also cause side effects such as the numbing, irritation, redness, and swelling of the penis. However, this treatment can backfire as the desensitizer can also easily spread to the woman, thus delaying her orgasm as well.

Restriction bands

Restriction bands are used by putting it one or more at the base of the penis. Restriction bands are made of elastic materials such as silicone, hence they stretch as the penis erects. The bands function to hold the flow of bold at the head of the shaft. Therefore, the band user will maintain his erection while remaining deeply aroused. However, this method can be problematic when it comes to removal. Restriction bands can also cause terrible pain as they close tightly around the erect penis.

Herbal treatments

Asian traditions suggest herbal medication to deal with premature ejaculation. Chinese, Japanese, as well Southeast Asian traditions have distinguished methods to overcome the problem by using plants such as She Chuang Zi, Eurycoma Longifolia (Pasak Bumi), Epimedium Grandiflorum (Rowdy Lamb Herb), Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo biloba, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (lichen), Corynanthe Yohimbe (Yohimbine), and Panax ginseng roots.


Hypnosis, which is usually used for changing mental and emotional behavior related to phobias, depression, habit disorders, and mental disorders, is also believed to be able to overcome premature ejaculation. This treatment uses self-help audio media, which is programmed to affect your mental state. However, the media is less effective compared to direct hypnosis. Unfortunately, this treatment cannot work with all types of premature ejaculation. Ones triggered by psychological conditions have the best chances to recover using this method. However, sexual dysfunctions caused by physiological problems such as urinary tract infections need further examination by medical experts.


Meditation is known to calm the body and mind. But can it also make you last longer in bed? Essentially, meditation is aimed at controlling one’s breathing. The regular control of breathing through meditation is hoped to be able to help the patient to gain more control towards the heightening arousal. When you reach an advanced stage of meditation, you will be able to control your breathing as well as your arousal easily, which leads to better sexual performance. Practicing meditation is also helps to hold back ejaculation as long as you want. However, practicing meditation is not as easy as it seems. If you have no clue on how to do it, it is suggested that you join a meditation class or get a self-help book on meditation practice.

One type of treatment for this issue involves the use of medication. Some antidepressants are used to treat this condition, as are some topical anesthetic creams. While these treatments are not specifically approved for treatment of premature ejaculation, the side effects are such that they are understood to be an effective treatment. All of these medications do require a prescription from a premature ejaculation specialist doctor, and should never be taken without a doctor’s guidance.

The best premature ejaculation treatment supplement should be reliable and durable. What does that mean? It means that it should be a product that will help you for a long time even after you stop taking the supplement for a while. The best pills should be made out of 100% herbal ingredients to prevent side effects from occurring. The product should be so effective that it should completely stop the problems of premature ejaculation.

If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Because the truth is, an estimated 40% of men suffer from this condition. And the sooner you get help, the sooner you will overcome PE and get confidently enjoy fulfilling sex life. Learn this here about the best treatment that will work for you. Ayurveda herbal treatment claims to be a potent cure for early ejaculation. Because they are organic and they are herbal in nature, they are not coming with unnecessary side effects, which are common in all other forms of drugs.

According to some studies, up to 40% of men will suffer from premature ejaculation in their life. Because of this widespread problem, a number of treatments have been developed. Finding the right treatment can be challenging, to find the right treatment you can learn this at the great Rasyog health care. However, if you want to last longer to make the sexual encounter more enjoyable, you should start seeking ways to do it. That why you need assistance and guidance from the Rasyog specialist doctor to have a better and permanent treatment.

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