Age is nothing but a number – how ED treatments have changed the game

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In times gone by, there were limited treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED). As you got older it was something people were expected to live with, but now medical advances mean that there are lots of options to help improve your sex life. From medication like sildenafil and tadalafil, to injection treatments there’s lots of options out there that can make a difference.

You can now buy sildenafil online, as well as many of the other medications available which is a discreet way to resolve your ED problems quickly and easily.

Around 50 per cent of men over 50 experience ED, and as you age it’s more likely you’ll start to experience ED. However there’s no reason as you get older you can’t have an active healthy sex life.

Easy to take medication

There are five different medications available now to treat ED. Each one is slightly different but you can easily pop a pill discreetly if you don’t feel able to readily share your ED issues with your partner. The oral medication is easy to take and easily accessible via prescription from your doctor. Buy sildenafil online and you don’t even need a discussion with the pharmacist, can get it on repeat and reduce the hassle of getting regular medication.

Fast acting and longer lasting

ED medication acts in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, meaning you can be more spontaneous. Be careful though, with some medication eating a big meal can counteract the effects of the medication.

Some medication like sildenafil lasts for a few hours and others like tadalafil can last up to 36 hours.

Alternative treatments

If you struggle to tolerate medication, then a treatment like an Alprostadil injection could be a better alternative. Although medication is the easiest route to take with ED, once you’ve practiced injecting into your penis, it’s not as tricky or as horrible as it sounds.

Once you’ve injected the drug into your penis, it takes just 20 minutes to work. You can also buy creams that provide a similar response.

Because there’s more choice of medication, there’s more likelihood you’ll find a medication to suit you that meets with your lifestyle. They can take away the embarrassment of ED and can give you your life back, and means that no matter how old you are you can enjoy a healthy, sex life.

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