Pap Smear test and its characteristics

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Cervical cancer and its diagnosis

Cervical cancer is the commonest type of cancer that mainly affects the human female. It mainly affects the cervix which can also lead to either uterus or the vagina region. The most common cause of this type of cancer is HPV (human papilloma virus). Pap or the Pap smear test is the most helpful and also fast method for the screening of this cervical cancer. The word Pap comes from the word “Papanicolaou”. The test is mainly based on the imaging principle using microscopes. The test checks for the presence of precancerous or cell having malignant properties in the cervix region. Thus early detection of cervical cancer with the help of the Pap smear test will definitely help in the cure of the disease.

Need for Pap test

Abnormal Pap smears during pregnancy is very normal. The cervix and the vagina is the most sensitive part in the woman’s body and it is very much prone to infections also. So it is advised for all the woman that as soon as they cross the age of 21 they should have regular Pap smear test. And also for those who are diagnosed with problems like HIV this test is very much helpful. Due to chemotherapy, the normal cells of the body becomes very much weak. So the cells of the cervical region may also deviate from their normal function. So Pap smear test will be able to detect those behavioral changes of the cell.

Pap smear procedure

The doctors who conduct the pap smear test follows certain rules and regulation. Primarily the test happens in the pelvic region, which is accompanied by the examination of the breast. The doctors use very sophisticated instruments to open the cervical region. After that, they collect mucus of the cervix very carefully. Along with the mucus lies the cells of the pelvic region. Now that mucus mixed with cells are kept on the glass slide and fixed properly with the help of chemical fixation agent. The prepared slide is kept under the microscope for the testing. The final review of the Pap smear is done by the cytologists. The test is not painful at all and also it does not have any side effect.

The Result of the Pap test

Pap smear test gives us two types of conclusions, which is either a normal Pap result or Abnormal Pap result.

  • Normal Pap Result– It means the cells of the cervical region is perfectly fine with no functional deviation. For a lady having a normal Pap may not need the test for the next 3 years.
  • Abnormal Pap Result– Abnormal Pap result may definitely lead to cancer that is the cells of the cervix is growing abnormally. However, there are few levels and conditions of an abnormality like atypia, dysplasia etc.

Relation with pregnancy

Abnormal Pap and Pregnancy can be very difficult to control. And reports suggest that abnormal pap can cause miscarriage during pregnancy. So it is advised to check the condition before planning the birth of the baby.

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