How Noopept Makes You Smarter

increase brain energy

Noopept was first patented in Russia and it was used by medical practitioners to treat attention deficiency and also reduce the symptoms of aging.  This drug is a synthetic peptide and its chemical structure has been related to piracetam on several occasions.  The product is unique in all sense of the word and has a very high level of solubility, which places it at a better state than several other nootropics around. If you are looking for drugs to improve memory, then noopept is the best to go for.

Benefits of noopept

The following are the many benefits of this drug:

  • It can increase your mental energy
  • It can also boos your memory
  • It promotes general brain health
  • Furthermore, the product can improve concentration, focus and learning capacity.
  • It will help you to recall things faster.
  • Furthermore, it can lower anxiety and stress.

Mechanism of action

Noopept can enter the blood brain barrier and bring about several chemical reactions.  Its activity is equally similar to those drugs in the racetam family due to the similarity in their compounds.

The drug binds to the acetylcholine receptor and stimulates automatic nervous system, as well as, the response of the ANS to motor neurons. As a result, muscles will react very fast when triggered by any external stimulant like a hot kettle, a buzzing bee and so on.

Noopept dementia effect is also well documented. The product can increase brain energy so that you can recall things easily. It can increase blood flow to the brain and also supply the brain cells with adequate oxygen.  The end results are faster brain functioning and higher brain activity.

Furthermore, the drug can enhance the Brain Derived Nerve Growth Factor (BDNF) and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). It can equally increase the number of synapses in your CNS (Central Nervous System).  This will bring about a better connection among your neurons and will also accelerate message transmission speed between the neurons and the brain.

Additionally, studies show that noopept can attack glutamate receptor areas and cause a slowdown in its breakdown.

Benefits of noopept

Some of the benefits of noopept are highlighted below

  • It is among the best drugs to improve memory and cognition
  • It can also boost brain power
  • It can make you a very smart person.

It will help you to comprehend and learn new information and facts at a very fast rate.  It will also improve your retention ability and memory recall.

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