Natural things to cure Cancer which you can find easily

In the form of powders, juices, tinctures, capsules, many plants have antitumor effects, relieve pain, and improve general condition. But be careful because for some of them there is not enough scientific evidence that they really work, and some can be poisonous, like apricot kernels.

Nutrition plays an important role, both in cancer prevention and in promoting tumor growth and metastasis. Studies in the United States have shown that 75% -85% of cancer diagnoses are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and can be prevented by changing eating habits. Researchers believe that 30% of cancer deaths today can be prevented only with proper nutrition! Cures for cancer natural down below.


Curcumin is a part of turmeric, which gives it a yellow color. It is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent and treat diseases associated with chronic inflammation, including cancer. Curcumin is traditionally used as a medicine in Chinese and Indian medicine to treat various diseases. As a therapeutic agent, curcumin is included in numerous medical preparations that support the immune system, because it regulates apoptosis and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Studies have shown that curcumin acts as a powerful antioxidant.

It also blocks the production of TNF (tumor necrosis factor), which amplifies proinflammatory signals and stimulates tumor growth. Clinical studies have shown that curcumin prevents the progression of cancer cells and metastases in various types of cancer, including breast, lung, uterus, ovaries, kidneys, bladder, brain, liver, pancreas, blood, colon and rectum. If you don’t know what are metastases then you can search on Google. Add curcumin to your diet by introducing spices into marinades, soups, chili sauce and soups, herbal teas or prepare so-called “golden milk” (a mixture of yellow turmeric spice with coconut milk or coconut oil).

Aloe vera

In addition to numerous health benefits, aloe vera has recently been increasingly mentioned in the context of cancer treatment, although there is no solid scientific evidence for this. There are promising research results: for example, one study showed that aloe vera extract – emodin can block the growth of head and neck cancer cells in test tubes, and another that aleroid – a compound found in aloe vera juice – in test tubes can stimulate the immune system to produce cancer-killing chemicals. One compound from aloe vera has been shown to be effective in test tubes in stopping the development of leukemia cells. Some studies have shown a positive effect of this plant in the treatment of skin cancer in mice, but in one study, some aloe products increased the number of skin cancer cells in mice.

Another study showed the carcinogenic effects of aloe vera in rats in whom excessive oral intake of aloe leaves caused colon cancer. In any case, it is obvious that much more research and stronger evidence on the effectiveness of aloe in the treatment of cancer is needed, so in no case should this remedy be used instead of medical therapy, but it should not be taken as a dietary supplement without consulting doctor.

Apricot seeds

In recent years, apricot seeds have often been recommended as an anti-cancer drug because they contain vitamin B17 (amygdalin), which attacks cancer cells, but there is no scientific evidence for this. On the other hand, consuming apricot kernels can be dangerous and cause potentially fatal cyanide poisoning. Due to the chemical compound amygdalin, which turns into cyanide after contact with stomach acid, a single consumption of more than half of one large or three small raw apricot kernels can exceed the safety limit for adults. While for children the limit is one small stone. And those who promote them as an aid in the fight against cancer recommend an intake of 10 to 60 seeds a day for sufferers. Cyanide poisoning can cause nausea, fever, headache, insomnia, drowsiness,

Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural substance often used in cooking and cleaning, but it is also increasingly mentioned as a means of treating cancer, which is explained by the fact that some forms of fungal infections can cause cancer, and baking soda can kill fungi. But so far there is no evidence in the scientific literature to support such theses, nor is there any evidence that baking soda is an effective remedy for any type of cancer.

British scientists are developing a method in which the growth of cancer cells can be identified with the help of baking soda and MR. Also, if the body is too “acidified” and the tumor cells grow and develop in an acidic environment, baking soda can help lower the acidity and raise the pH, but that’s all. Baking soda as an anti-cancer drug should not be considered under any circumstances, all experts agree.


Dried papaya leaf extract has been shown to have an anti-cancer effect against a wide range of tumors, including cervical, breast, liver, lung, and pancreatic cancers. A study published a few years ago in the journal Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that papaya leaf extract increases the production of Th1 cytokine molecules, which help regulate the immune system, so it is thought that using papaya can help the body overcome cancer with its own immune system.

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