Beautiful Long and Thick Hair

Beautiful Long and Thick Hair

  • I have read many beauty tips for proper hair care, long lashes and wrinkles, and how to prevent it. One thing I’ve learned is to use the moon calendar in your beauty and fitness days. The best time to take care of your hair is the moon days in Leo and Virgo. This means that you have a time window of about four days per month as you are the best time to go to your hairdresser to get a new haircut, curly stitching or dyeing your hair. You may find it funny, but it doesn’t cost a penny, so it’s worth a try. In my case, it needed 2-3 months, but then I got ringworm from people I never expected to have my eye on or my hair.
  • Drug Some vitamin pills are also recommended for hair from your drugstore. They usually contain various vitamin plus folate, zinc and some other things.
  • Additionally certainly helpful. The right nutrition. If you eat burgers, fries and other junk foods more than once a month, you should think about it. The best auxiliary vegetables, lots of water, salads and nuts: for your hair to be long and thick and shiny!
  • Indian women use specific oils for hair care. They put coconut oil in their hair for hours before rewashing it. It’s like a mask. This oil mask will protect your hair and keep you glowing after washing with a light shampoo. You can also try it with olive oil. The question of which fragrance you prefer.
  • Don’t think about your lifestyle for the last time. This means that you know that you will be exposed to every day’s stress and irritation: you look tired, your skin looks grey, there are dark circles around your eyes, and you may feel tired, Feeling tired and weak. Please take care of yourself. Take time to rest. As long as your heart beats a little and reserves some time to get back in balance, take a deep breath. The most important balance is to feel good. A full fitness day per week can be fantastic. Enjoy it!

Oil Replacement Care For Your Hair

Of course, some products are a great alternative to the oil mask mentioned above with olive or coconut oil. But these cosmetic products are mostly made from many ingredients, while coconut and olive oil are pure natural and real oils. This is your choice.

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Ideas for a Great Wellness Time

It would help if you took some time for yourself. One time away from all your duties and commitments. If you find yourself ineffective at that time, start slowly with two hours a day each week. To get you some ideas, here’s what you can do for my tips:

  • Take a walk in nature – around the lake like in the water or on the beach or along a river. Sit there and start dreaming. You could take photos or sit and paint. You might not want to do anything, you see the sky or the animals, let your eyes roll around – or you scan a book.
  • Visit the cinema and watch the movies you’ve always wanted to see. It’s a lot of work to do because you’ll never forget the film you watched alone.
  • House Meet your best friend to sit in a coffee house, eat cake, ice cream and cup of coffee, around the craft, dream with you and avoid one thing: worries or bad things that happen to someone. Discuss.
  • Make shopping tours – but not easy. Even just walking the city and seeing the shop windows can clear your mind, inspire you, and set up new ideas for free.
  • Time for yourself means you can do whatever you want. Start writing a diary for your wellness days or create a sketchbook where you write and write down all the ideas, photos, drawings, tickets, found stones and shells.

Extra Tips For Coloured Hair

If you dye your hair regularly or use conditioners every time, you wash your hair. The results can be bites, itching, itching or oil. Even the worst of these can cause hair loss, especially when you are under pressure for a while. Useful for all these hassles is to use baby shampoo to wash each hair. Baby shampoo is a mild shampoo, and your scalp will improve soon. The gentle shampoo liberates the scalp from other residual chemicals on your scalp.

If your hair gets too dry, use a mild shampoo for this scalp only and a regular shampoo for the ends of your hair. Avoid the usual shampoo and conditioner on your scalp and eat more nuts, but please keep it clean without salt and other herbs. For example, any herb nuts, like salted peanuts, have a lot of fat and will work in the opposite way to your goal of getting good hair. The most helpful are pure walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts.

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