Medical Science Establishes Potency and Possibility of Neuroscience

The hectic way of life, hard-hitting competition, overpowering stress and intense pressure of everyday life are some key causes that lead to hypertension, anxiety and depression disorder, trauma, manic, drug addiction and other physiological and emotional disorders in human life. As per different studies that persistent anxiety or depression can be fatal for a teen or youngster since that directly affects the normal functionality of brain and nervous systems.

In another studies, it has been reported that quite a large number of parents pass through their most frustrating lives with children have learning disorder termed as ADD, ADHD, Autism and other brain based disorders apart from drug abuse. In order to fight back these frightening mental disorders, the neuroscientist and engineer who has devoted the largest part of his career life in identifying the best research findings and remedial solutions and helping people come out of these painful situations is none but Dr. Curtis Cripe. The esteemed neuroscientist needs no introduction when it comes to the solutions of cognitive dysfunctions and brain-based disorders in the US.

Subsequent to joining hands with the major Arizona based medical research community NTL group as its Director, (Research and Development) he has been operational with his great team of experts to produce state-of-the-art concept based rehab systems to abolish and lessen brain related disorders in increasing number of Americans. The dedicated neuroengineer focused on behavioral medicine, Dr. Curtis is also the founder and director of Crossroads Institute. With its multi-site service branches scattered across seven states, the group has been activated to work for victims of mental disorders through Internet management systems and telemedicine brain training, which is a pioneering concept in the world. As per sources; backed by a solid network, dedicated workforce and innovative healing concept, the community has assisted over 15000 families as well, parents with kids’ having learning disorders, ASD, drug abuse and other brain related dysfunctions.

Curtis Cripe has contributed the world with his mastermind research outcomes namely NeuroCodex and NeuroCoach, designed for comprehensive repairing of cognitive and brain problems. He believes strongly that since two ADHD or ASD or manic problem are not identical in nature, it is vital for psychotherapists, occupational therapists or physicians specializing in psychiatric fields to refer the problems on tailored basis, and not on the mass.

All findings should be backed by accurate database, medical evidences, earlier medication procedures followed, if any, by means of scientific ideologies and implements. He is happy that the successful launching of NeuroCodex and NeuroCoach application programs that can help sort out the actual deficient areas; in other words, the defects of brain’s internal wearing systems and address the same with most appropriate therapeutics, workouts and other practices.

When it comes to the domain of behavioral medicine and Neuroengineering Dr. Curtis has authored a series of extremely helpful and well informative publications and journals that are immense sources for like minded professionals, mental health care practitioners or anyone interested to know the potency and possibility of neuroscience more comprehensively.

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