Medical Conditions That Can be Handled at a Family-Care Facility

Family-Care Facility

Every parent desires to have a facility that boasts various specialists who will attend to every family member when needed. It is difficult to drop and pick every family member from various medical facilities. At Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, P.C.,  Peter Wenger MD and his team of experts in multiple fields have a wide range of services they offer their patients. From adult, pediatric, and sports injuries to adolescents and women’s health, the facility is the ideal care provider for your whole family.

Several areas of expertise these diverse medical professionals specialize in include:   

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Hip pain

Your hip boasts an extensive joint that serves in mobility as your thighs move back and forth. The joint also rotates when you sit and changes direction when you walk. Several causes of hip pain include:

  •         Arthritis
  •         Avascular necrosis
  •         Iliotibial band syndrome
  •         Muscle strain
  •         Hematoma

Your hip treatment depends on your cause of the pain. After evaluation, your care provider may recommend the following treatment options

  •         Cortisone injections
  •         Anti-inflammatory medications
  •         Surgery in cases of severe arthritis
  •         Therapeutic ultrasound
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Complementary alternative solutions like acupuncture 
  •         Massage

Shoulder pain

Your shoulder joint serves the most range of motion than any other joint on your body. Therefore, a shoulder injury will hinder most of your activities. The flexible ball and socket shoulder joint also joins two of your upper torso’s major bones including the shoulder blades and the collarbone.

The shoulder also comprises tendons that give your shoulder its versatility and cartilage that helps the various bones at the joint glide over each other smoothly. Slight damage to any of these structures will make you experience painful episodes, affecting your upper body motion.

During diagnosis, your doctor will review your symptoms and your medical history before performing a physical examination to identify the cause of your shoulder pain. Your care provider will then request tests then recommend the best treatment approach that best suits you.


Arthritis is not only experienced by older adults. This joint inflammation is an umbrella of several other conditions affecting your joints. This inflammation of the joints contributing to disability cases will limit most of your daily activities, including walking.

Experts do not know the real causes of arthritis. However, several risk factors increase your chances of developing the condition. These risk factors include:

  •         Being overweight
  •         Family history
  •         Age
  •         Lifestyle
  •         Previous joint injuries

Different types of arthritis have varying symptoms, some of which can be mild or severe. However, pain, fatigue, and inflammation of the joints are your major symptoms. Other indications of arthritis include the following effects on your affected joint:

  •         Stiffness
  •         Swelling
  •         Tenderness
  •         Redness

After a thorough evaluation, your doctor will design a personalized treatment plan that best suits your health needs, including nutrition and exercises.

Every member of your family deserves to lead a healthy life. Whether your whole family is going for preventive care or your child going for pediatric sports injury assessment, a dedicated facility that offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages is what you need. Contact the professionals at Princeton Sports & Family Medicine today for more information.       

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