How to protect your teen against alcohol abuse

protect your teen against alcohol abuse

Drug tests in bulk can’t prevent your teen against alcohol and drug abuse. It isn’t the answer to do a drug test every time that you expect your teen is doing drugs or alcohol. There are also some parents that are thinking that alcohol abuse is much better than drug abuse. But, this is just as dangerous as drug abuse. Here are some ways that you can protect your teen against alcohol abuse.

Set a good example

The first thing and most important thing that you can do, is to set a good example for your children. Don’t abuse alcohol yourself and don’t use drugs.

You can’t expect your children to know the danger about alcohol and drugs, if you are using it yourself. The one thing that we don’t always realize is that children are seeing us as the example. And, that if we are setting a bad example, they also will follow in our footsteps.

Having a good relationship with our children

It is so easy to forget that even teens need to have parents that are understanding and that will ensure that they will listen when the teen has some problems. This is why a good relationship with your children is so important.

Even, if you have teens that is making life hard for you. They still need to have a parent that they can talk to, when they are in trouble or have serious questions.

Know your teen’s friends

To be able to able to know that your child doesn’t have any risks of abusing alcohol or using drugs, you need to know your teen’s friends. The better you know their friends, and their behavior, you will know if your child is at risk of alcohol or drug abuse.

Children are doing the things that their friends are doing. This is because of friendship influence. If you know their friends, you will know that they have the right type of friends that are a good influence to them and not a bad influence.

We don’t always know what our teens are doing. And, we need to trust them every single day. If you know your teen, and have a good relationship with them, then you will know for sure that they are not at risk to alcohol abuse. And, if they have a problem, they will know where to find you to talk to.

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