Advancements in Disability Equipment

Disability Equipment

Disabled and handicapped people continually find themselves at a disadvantage. Mobility becomes a serious concern for people who can’t walk properly. However, technology has progressed significantly in the past couple of decades. There are now a variety of different machines that disabled individuals can use to become more mobile. For instance, rather than relying on a wheelchair, the disabled or immobile should use a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters offer flexibility on the road and also provide more comfort to disabled individuals.

Why Choose a Mobility Scooter?

There’s a major difference between electrical wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Electrical wheelchairs have two large wheels and two small, guidance wheels in the front. They are operated by a joystick installed on the side. On the other hand, mobility scooters are slightly bigger, with a straight seat and available in three or four wheel arrangements. They are divided into two classes: Class 2 vehicles (designed for the pavement) and Class 3 vehicles (larger in size and faster speeds). You don’t need any sort of training to ride a mobility scooter either. The learning curve is extremely simple and it won’t take long to adjust either.

A Collective Effort

Companies around the UK have now begun to offer additional benefits for disabled individuals. For instance, construction companies now include ramps and toilet support for disabled individuals. Companies that sell disability equipment and vehicles in Stockport and other parts of the country have also begun to offer additional financing options and facilities for disabled individuals to make it easy for them to afford a mobility scooter and other equipment. These companies also sell riser and recliner chairs along with several aids for daily living. These include walking and hearing aids. A collective effort is being made to ensure that disabled people get equal treatment and improved facilities.

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