How to Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose veins happen for several reasons, such as age and sex. Some causes cannot be avoided, such as family history, but tips can help you stay safe from the condition. It is hard to stop this infection completely, but you can prevent the condition from worsening with the following tips. It would help if you strived to live a healthy life to stay safe from this condition. In this article, we discuss some tips that will keep you safe from varicose veins. You can find out more about this condition at Riverside varicose veins.

How to stay safe from varicose veins

Many tips can help you stay safe from this condition; below we discuss some.

  1.     Do not sit or stand for long periods.

Your feet might have difficulty in moving blood in the veins of the legs because of gravity. This increases your vein’s pressure leading to an accumulation of blood in your ankles. You are advised to move around as this lowers the pressure to enhance the aeration of air. If you are at a place for a long time without moving, you might want to play with your feet. Move your feet up at least for 20 minutes because it interferes with the gravity circle. This makes blood aerate properly.

  1.     Live a healthy life

This condition can increase based on issues that cannot be tamed. So, it is essential to living a healthy life to keep the veins free from additional damage. People with obesity are more likely to have this condition because of the high pressure in the veins. You should maintain a balanced diet and shun salty foods. Also, eat foods that have fiber. Drink a lot of water in the day because with adequate hydration comes proper air aeration.

  1.     Include exercises in your daily activities

Research has shown that walking is the best way to fight varicose veins. You can also try other sports such as yoga as you use different poses that will put your legs above your heart. You can move the strongest muscles in your body using yoga, and they are essential in helping the veins work efficiently. You can also try swimming in the exercise program.

  1.     Pregnant women should sleep in the correct position.

A study has shown that pregnancy is among the leading causes of varicose veins. These women are advised to sleep on the left side so that varicose veins do not develop. There will be less pressure exerted in the pelvic area with this position, thus lowering your varicose veins level.

  1.     Cut weight

Obese people have extra weight put on their legs. You can prevent the occurrence of new varicose veins by cutting weight. Cutting weight is not only limited to keeping you safe from varicose veins, but it has several health benefits. This also keeps you safe from a stroke.


Varicose veins are a condition that occurs after the accumulation of blood in your veins. It occurs for several reasons. Even though it is impossible to tackle it thoroughly, these tips will prevent it from getting intense.


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