Experience Unique Dental Care at the Yonkers Dental Arts

Are you looking for an experienced expert in dentistry? Yonkers Dental Arts is the place to settle your problems. With the help of Alicia Schraner DDS, a skilled and fully trained in all sides of cosmetic dentistry, you can get back your natural and healthy smile. She offers a wide range of dental services to clients of all age groups. She uses both a conservative approach to dentistry and advanced dentistry. Yonkers dental arts provides the following services: crowns and bridges, dental implants, family dentistry, tooth extraction, veneers, dental cleanings, Invisalign, root canals, tooth-colored fillings, mouth guards, periodontal treatment, and digital x-rays.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are the solutions for missing or damaged teeth. Doctor Schraner is a veteran in the placement of crowns and bridges to advance your look and oral health. Missing or damaged teeth can affect the way an individual talks or chew food. Crowns are made of raw porcelain materials that resemble natural enamel. Porcelain is durable and stainless, thus ensuring a bright smile for years. On the other hand, bridges are also made of porcelain and are designed to look like a real tooth. Replacing lost teeth with bridges improves speaking ability, chewing with ease, and the smile’s overall looks.

Dental implants

Dental implants are human-made roots that hold the false tooth in the mouth for a permanent reason. They are a screw look-alike and are placed into the jawbone firmly to hold the newly placed teeth. A dental implant is a way to replace missing teeth as it gives an individual smile that looks real and natural. Missing teeth can cause bone loss in your jaw, tooth loss, sunken cheeks, and difficulty in chewing and swallowing. Dental implants are easy to clean; they feel natural and comfortable.

Family dentistry

Eliminate the fear of finding the right dentist for the whole family by seeking dentist services from Dr. Schraner. She offers a wide range of family dentistry services for patients of all caliber and ages. Staff at the center are welcoming and ready to take care of all aspects of dental care for children and adults, including cavity repair, oral disease prevention, and teeth cleaning. Checkups should be conducted after every six months for every family member. Special frequent checkups can be mounted if there is a need as the frequency of visiting the dental center depends on the dental issue’s condition.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is when teeth with poor health beyond repair or heal are removed or pulled out of the mouth. Tooth extraction is necessary when the mouth is overcrowded, when the tooth is infected, or to align with braces support. After tooth extraction, the patient is expected to take care of the wound part, and he/she can apply ice on the region to reduce pain. Other ways of reducing pain are by taking painkillers and regularly changing the gauze pad.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-ray is an advanced form of dental technology x-rays used to identify a dental problem and evaluate the overall dental issues using the x-ray technique. Digital x-rays are needed at least annually. Digital x-rays are also used during implants, denture fixation, dental work, and detecting fractures in the jaws and teeth.

Patients in need of overall oral health are encouraged to try Yonkers Dental Arts, where the staff is working tirelessly to offer high-quality services to their clients. You can book an online appointment through their website. The dental facility is located in Westchester, Yonkers, New York.

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